CHARLES DUHIGG: New York Times Bestselling Author of The Power of Habit and Smarter Faster Batter; Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist for The New York Times Magazine

Bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist CHARLES DUHIGG reveals the secrets to how to be productive in life and business, and what it takes to boost performance and the creative process. His groundbreaking book, The Power of Habit, has spent three years on the New York Times bestsellers list, and is chock-full of the transformative, science-backed research on peak performance that Duhigg brings to life at each of his events. In his game-changing, truly entertaining keynotes, Duhigg seamlessly balances riveting anecdotes, in-depth research, and actionable insights, revealing how to unlock the power of mental habits that allow us to think more deeply, and how people and companies can become smarter, faster and better. In-demand for his keynotes that are energizing, witty and substantive, Duhigg is set to address an audience of 5,500 at NatCon 2019, 1,500 at NetVU's Accelerate, 800 C-Suite Executives at CO-OP Financial Services' THINK 19, and more. Duhigg recently made headlines in CNNMens Health and Politico, and was sought-out for interviews on MSNBC's Morning Joe. Radiowest, and more, thanks to his fascinating Atlantic cover story on "The Real Roots of American Rage."


ERICA KESWIN: Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of Bring Your Human to Work; Workplace Strategist and Executive Coach

A workplace strategist who has worked with some of the most iconic organizations in the world from the NFL to NASA, ERICA KESWIN reveals what it means to build a “more human workplace,” and how it translates to more engaged employees, boosted creativity and innovation, and increased profits. As Keswin and her recent bestseller Bring Your Human to Work-- featured in Forbes' "10 Inspirational Books For Success In Work And Life"-- highlight, honoring relationships is the most essential component to building a thriving workplace. She unpacks exactly how organizations across industries can do it, sharing hard science, actionable takeaways, and engaging anecdotes with passion, concision, and a sense of humor. She breaks down everything from how to get company values “off the walls and into the halls,” to how to empower employees and foster breakthrough thinking. A dynamite speaker, Keswin is set to deliver keynotes at the Elliman Summit, the Star Staffing Talent Summit, the TIAA HR Forum in three different cities, and more. Keswin's insights on how to create a more effective and human work environment are also regularly featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and Business Insider.


STEVEN KOTLER: New York Times Bestselling Author of Stealing Fire, The Rise of Superman, Abundance, and Bold; Co-Founder & Director of Research, Flow Genome Project

A revolutionary in the field of human performance, STEVEN KOTLER shows individuals and companies how to unlock their potential and level up their game like never before. His bestselling books and research decode how scientific and technological breakthroughs are radically changing the world, and how both businesses and individuals can harness their power. Kotler's newest, eye-opening and refreshingly practical keynote-- based on his upcoming book-- "The Art of Impossible" provides a practical playbook for making the impossible not just possible, but trainable. He reveals actionable steps, tools, and strategies, for significantly ramping up motivation, learning, creativity and flow. A remarkably in-demand speaker, Kotler has been sought-out to deliver a keynote for 4,000 senior leaders at the upcoming HSM Expo 2019. He also recently addressed an audience of 8,000 business executives at the Nordic Business Forum 2018,and kept audience-members tweeting actionable insights and praise such as: "I felt really inspired by @steven_kotler ’s tips of climbing a mountain of exponential growth!"; "Thanks @steven_kotler for your good energy at the #NBForum2018 stage."; "Loved @steven_kotler speech about #flow @NBForumHQ.


ALEX BANAYAN: National Bestselling Author of The Third Door; Named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list and Business Insider’s “Most Powerful People Under 30.” 

ALEX BANAYAN's just-released national and instant Amazon bestseller The Third Door was named the #1 "Top Career Books to Read in 2018" by Forbes, to Business Insider's "15 best business books to read this summer," and is going to be translated into 13 languages. An awe-inspiring journey that takes readers behind the scenes and into one-on-one exclusive interviews with the world’s most successful people—including Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Lady Gaga, Stephen Spielberg, Maya Angelou, Pitbull, Steve Wozniak and more— revealing how titans of their industry launched their careers and found successAnd now Banayan is in-demand for his game-changing keynotes, which are packed with practical business lessons and riveting anecdotes, and empower audiences to find The Third Door in their own work and lives. In-demand for a series of upcoming events including Powerful U and the Yakima Town Hall Speaker Series. Banayan also received the following ovation after a recent event at WeWork: "Alex was fantastic and a perflect closing to the Summit! The attendees were inspired and motivated after hearing from Alex!"


NATALY KOGAN: Bestselling Author of Happier Now; TEDx Speaker; Founder of Happier, a global technology platform

The CEO and Founder of Happier—an award-winning global technology and learning platform— NATALY KOGAN has dedicated her career to helping individuals and organizations better understand and achieve happiness. Her newly-released book Happier Now-- named #1 to Fast Company's list of "5 summer beach reads that can make you happier at work,"-- reveals the scientifically proven practices to live fully in good times and bad. Full of tangible, actionable tools and strategies, Kogan’s book teaches volumes about compassion, resilience, and yes, happiness, and how they can be applied to building an inclusive, dynamic workplace that thrives. Kogan has been making headlines in The Washington PostForbesPopsugar, and more as she breaks down the tips and strategies illuminated in her book with refreshing honesty. She brings the same tangible advice to each of her keynotes, and is in-demand to speak at Globoforce's WorkHuman 2019 Conference, the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, TAI User Group 2019, and more. Kogan isn't just informative, she is inspirational and substantive. Her passion has audience-members tweeting praise such as:"AMAZING first session by @natalykogan! when the book you were planning to pick up later that day is gifted by the author/presenter. Cant wait to dive in to it!!"

When it comes to energizing audiences and getting teams fired up about workplace innovation, these HWA speakers and bestselling authors are proven experts.