H.R. MCMASTER has led large and diverse teams, often in the most perilous and challenging of situations. Drawing on his extensive experience in the field and in the White House, McMaster shares his lessons on effective leadership, from how to be strategic in times of crisis to how to foster loyalty, support and teamwork. 

"H.R. McMaster fought his way through the tactical myopia of the Army hierarchy to become one of our country’s most trusted defense futurists and strategists. He is an independent thinker who will challenge the politicos and work on behalf of the United States."

-Brig. Gen. Thomas Kolditz (Ret.), Doerr Institute for New Leaders for Fortune

Diving into topics such as how to confront ambiguous challenges with incomplete or conflicting information, finding courage even amid fear, developing a plan and acting quickly, and staying true to your core values while also embracing change in the face of obstacles, CAPTAIN SULLY SULLENBERGER illuminates an inspiring path forward and motivates teams to powerful action. 

"There was not one sound in the room the entire time that he spoke... His message aligned perfectly with the theme of our conference... When you book a speaking engagement with Captain Sullenberger, you will definitely get more than your money’s worth. He was professional, pleasant and most accommodating... I feel confident that his appearance will help this year’s conference to be ranked as one of the best ever!"

-Cox Media Group

NATE BOYER's belief that “Anything is Possible” has served him well throughout his life and has made him especially fit to speak about finding one’s passions and living with purpose for other people. His can-do attitude is contagious and his inspirational story resounds with any audience; students, veterans, businesspersons, athletes and people from all walks of like can take something away from his unique story. 

As the first and only African American woman USAF U-2 Pilot and a retired Colonel with over 23 years of aviation and leadership experience in both the Navy and the Air Force, MERRYL TENGESDAL inspires audiences with her tales of breaking barriers and overcoming adversity. A true storyteller, Tengesdal holds audiences at rapt attention as she shares her career and experiences with audiences as an example of how to reach their own goals. Tengesdal details how to use strategic planning to achieve a successful life by overcoming self-doubt, working through adversity, and looking at problems through a creative lens.

DESHAUNA BARBER emphasizes the need for organizations to say less and do more. She implores corporations to give back to the veteran community without hesitation and uses her experience as an Army officer to provide ideas and strategies that companies can use to benefit service members and their families. 

"Deshauna was personable and related to the content with honesty, transparency and authenticity, bringing our audience to a deep connection with the messaging and subject matter."

-Verizon Media

Drawing on over three decades of operational and policy experience at the national and international level, JANE LUTE talks about how governments around the world work behind the scenes of military and diplomatic relations to solve problems every day.  

"Jane was absolutely fantastic! She was charming, engaging, kind... Both groups really enjoyed her presentation and guests at each event had lots of questions! Our mosaic team also commented that she was one of the best speakers they have interviewed, and on top of that, she stuck right to the timeline..."

-Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County

Born in an Ohio prison to a teenage mother, ANTWONE FISHER became a ward of the state and was placed in foster care. He spent two years in a loving foster home, but was subsequently moved and suffered twelve years of abuse at the hands of his new foster family. Antwone set on a course of healing when he joined the U.S. Navy, where he served his country for eleven years.

"Antwone did an amazing job at our Hope Through Housing Gala. His speech was exactly what we envisioned. Please tell him, "thank you" so much for his time and attention to our event. His contribution was invaluable to our success."

-Hope Through Housing Foundation

VICTOR VESCOVO served 20 years in the U.S. Navy Reserve as an intelligence officer, retiring in 2013 as a Commander (O-5). His principal duties involved operational targeting in the Iraqi, Kosovo, and Afghanistan theaters and after 9/11 he was deployed to support counter-terrorism efforts overseas. Few presentations are as exciting and electric as Vescovo’s, as he shares stories from his 20 years in the U.S. Navy Reserve as an intelligence officer; becoming the 12th American to complete the “Explorer’s Grand Slam” which requires climbing the highest peak on all seven of the world’s continents - including Mt. Everest - and skiing at least 100 kilometers to both the North and South Poles; completing history’s deepest solo submarine dive in the Pacific’s Mariana Trench at Challenger Deep; becoming the first person to visit “The Five Deeps” – the deepest points in all five of the world’s oceans; and setting countless other records.

J.R. MARTINEZ shares how he was able to take his personal tragedy and turn it into an inspiration for others, a message he also brings to worldwide organizations. His story is unique, but his message is universal: your path in life is decided by your own ability to adapt and overcome.

"The effect you had on the audience was tremendous! It was the dose of reality they needed to put their work, lives and even their family in the right perspective. You vastly exceeded all of our expectations. You have a God given skill (treasure) to get in front of an audience and speak from the heart. That is so hard to find in today's world. This may sound trite but when you speak, whatever mental 'vacation' someone is on, you bring them into your listening audience and they leave embracing your message...a message of hope, care, and compassion."

-Air Force

Drawing on stories from her career and personal life, NICOLE MALACHOWSKI inspires audiences to rethink the challenges they face every day. She urges them to go beyond resilience and become resurgent. 

"During our time together Nicole Malachowski and I traveled across the country to visit and speak with our regional personnel. She shared her unique background, her experience, challenges she faced, and lessons learned over two decades of serving our country. At every stop the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Her unique ability to connect with each and every member of the crowd was impressive. Each individual believed she was talking directly to them and all attendees left walking a little taller. If you are looking for someone to motivate and inspire your audience you cannot do better than Nicole Malachowski. And I’ll bet you might walk a little taller, too."

-U.S. General Services Administration

In her motivating and engaging keynote presentations, CAREY LOHRENZ shares her fascinating experiences operating in one of the world's most challenging environments—an aircraft carrier—and is uniquely qualified in the fundamentals of winning under pressure, reducing errors and overcoming obstacles.

"You were so authentic, energetic and passionate that your insights gained from military service and leadership roles were received very, very positively by those who attended the Weikel Leadership Speaker Series. We appreciate how you prepared and customized a message for our audience. A special thank you for your willingness to spend time with some of our MBA women in advance of the Weikel. Every single woman who attended was grateful for the tips, ideas and examples. I hope that we’re able to stay in touch and welcome you back again in the future."

-University of Wisconsin-Madison

With captivating stories from his time in SEAL training, his numerous military deployments and his pursuit of athletic excellence at the Paralympic Games, DAN CNOSSEN will leave your audience inspired to take on any personal or business challenge in their own life. 

"You CRUSHED it at our event last week. Our group clearly couldn’t get enough and would have enjoyed more time with you, as evidenced by them lining up to meet you. The only downside is I have NO idea how I can top you as a speaker at our next annual meeting and everyone acknowledged that. You were super comfortable, well spoken, genuine, and detailed...and most of all, really brought your unique and special life stories back to lessons to take away (perspective, one step at a time, goal setting, having a plan, etc.) all of which resonated greatly with our crowd."

-HCI Equity Partners