When Oscar-winning actor TROY KOTSUR stopped by the Harry Walker offices for a virtual visit, we were blown away by the power of his message. Kotsur has received significant accolades for his memorable role in CODA, including a history-making win as the first Deaf man to win an Academy Award for his poignant (and hilarious!) performance. Our team was spellbound as he shared his journey, overcoming obstacles and learning to trust his gut that he had an important story to tell. When sharing about his persistence in the face of rejection, Kotsur’s perspective is clear: his deafness was not something to be ‘fixed’, it is part of his identity – and as a Hollywood changemaker, he is here to be himself. A revered actor for over three decades, Kotsur is passionate about projects like CODA; stories that bridge the gap between the hearing and Deaf worlds and expand the opportunity to shift and transform cultural perspectives.

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Kotsur is a magnetic and memorable keynote speaker, sharing insights from his path to Hollywood acclaim, impactful takeaways about expanding inclusion and opportunity for people with disabilities, and overcoming obstacles to exceed even your own expectations. Beyond using his platform to advocate for more authentic representation in media, Kotsur – whom Forbes has called “a one-man masterclass in starpower and stage presence” – offers insights about the necessity of reframing our conversations about inclusion, especially when it comes to the Deaf community. “I am the data,” he says, encouraging listeners to trust members of the Deaf community to know what’s best for them and lead the way in decision-making. Central to Kotsur’s uplifting message is education, and he offers actionable takeaways for how individuals and organizations can make their practices more accessible and think outside the box to solve problems. Balancing a vital message of inclusion with his trademark sense of humor, Kotsur offers a singular perspective that will captivate any audience.