U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, Legendary Economist

President Emeritus of Harvard University and former Chief Economist of the World Bank, Secretary of the Treasury, Director of the White House National Economic Council and Assistant to the President for Economic Policy in the Obama Administration, Larry Summers is one of the world's most distinguished voices on the world economy.

Speaking to a room of finance leaders at Consensus 2016, a three-day event about financial technology, Dr. Summers discussed the future of digital currency. Watch video of his remarks or read FORTUNE's feature of Dr. Summers from this event >>

Check out Dr. Summers' recent NPR interview for more insight into his op-ed in The Washington Post regarding popular support for Brexit and Donald Trump, and his call for 'Responsible Nationalism.'

What Meeting Planners are Saying About Larry Summers:

"Dr. Summers was a joy on-site and he did a great job. He was really gracious and everyone loved him. I should have scheduled more time for his keynote; usually speakers fatigue after an hour but he definitely could have kept this audience captivated for much longer."

Institutional Investor

"It was a huge pleasure to host an event with Dr. Summers. Summers spoke in front of more than 200 guests on international politics, the US economy, the management of monetary policy by the Fed, the Chinese slowdown, among others and all attendees were impressed with his presentation. "

- BTG Pactual

"The conference was extremely successful. Larry's speech was extremely well received. He is a master speaker!"

- Chinese Finance Association