On January 15, 2009, CAPTAIN SULLY SULLENBERGER executed a successful emergency landing of US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River, saving the lives of all 155 passengers and crew on board, and skyrocketing him to international fame as a hero. Captain Sullenberger's remarkable story has touched countless lives, and is chronicled in both his New York Times bestselling book, Highest Duty, and the Oscar-nominated film starring Tom Hanks, Sully. Now, 10 years after the historic flight, Captain Sullenberger is in-demand and making headlines as he shares the enduring lessons of this iconic moment in modern history. Offering inspirational and game-changing insights on leadership, preparedness, and performance under pressure, Captain Sullenberger rivets audiences worldwide.

"Our Sales and Content leaders, were in awe when [Captain Sullenberger] took to the stage... He captivated the audience from the very beginning, and they stayed engaged throughout...There was not one sound in the room...When you book a speaking engagement with Captain Sullenberger, you will definitely get more than your money’s worth...I feel confident that his appearance will help this year’s conference to be ranked as one of the best ever!"

-Cox Media Group

"Capt. Sullenberger’s appearance was spectacular. His event was the best attended of the season and he held the audience’s unwavering attention throughout his presentation and Q&A sessions. I personally found his message and demeanor highly inspirational and immediately put some of his prioritization lesson into practice in my organization. I had several longtime Econ members tell me it was the best presentation they had been to..."

-Economic Club of Southwestern Michigan

Latest news from Captain Sullenberger:

A highly sought-after speaker, Sullenberger has been in-demand for several prominent upcoming events including: Farmer2Farmer, where he will address an audience of 3,000; the inaugural The Points Guy Awards, where he will be honored with the first ever Hero Award; and Vision Source's The Exchange.

Captain Sullenberger is set to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of "The Miracle on the Hudson" with a special event at the Carolinas Aviation Museum.

Making headlines in The Associated Press, Captain Sullenberger greeted the air traffic controller during "The Miracle on the Hudson," Patrick Harten, at the finish line of the NYC Marathon, just weeks before the flight's 10th anniversary.

Captain Sullenberger's recent, moving op-ed in The Washington Post, instantly became a “Most-Read” and garnered comments of praise such as: “Facile with flight and with words. This is such a wise, seasoned and mature call to action. Thank you.”  

Sought-out to appear on MSNBC's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Captain Sullenberger shared how leadership, tested in the crucible of Flight 1549, is as important in our country now as ever.  
With over 55K followers, Captain Sullenberger keeps audiences tweeting praise at each event:

Following his credo, "leadership by personal example," Captain Sullenberger's actions and words inspire audiences wherever he speaks. Offering tangible lessons on how to excel in our personal and professional lives, he leaves audiences better prepared to handle any uncertainty or challenge.