"Powerful, poignant, persuasive – a truly passionate performance. To say impressed is an understatement. Your expressive and raw discussion turned heads and changed mindsets. A remarkable feat. I believe what captured many hearts was your humility. The surprise and delight of your talk had everyone on the edge of their seats. The question and answer session in particular where many of your themes and advice organically came forth proved to be invaluable."

- Intuit

"It all went perfectly...Abby was fantastic."

-Dell Technologies

"I LOVE this story!' ... 'Selflessness and total class act! Leadership level 10!!!' ... 'Best speaker ever! So excited for this!' ... 'awesome!!! this is so inspirational! thank you Abby' ... 'Fantastic life example! Winning attitude!' ... 'Wow! so inspiring and invigorating!' ... 'Thanks, Abby!'"

-Crowd Comments from Dell Technologies

Becky’s presentations are uniquely personal, as she shares her perspective on what it means to be the first female coach in a men’s league. As she urges participants to pursue their dreams relentlessly and to stand up for what they believe, audiences embrace her forward-looking vision and learn to see every day as a gift with innumerable possibilities.

"The talent, sponsors, press and executives who participated in our programming found his authenticity, insights and passion to be unparalleled. His personal story and perspectives on diversity, representation, corporate responsibility, competition and LGBTQ+ issues are truly inspirational. He is an enthusiastic and accommodating speaker. I would highly recommend him."


"It was a once in a lifetime experience to have Michael Strahan speaking at our event today! We all were so thrilled at his cheerful demeanor, the charisma he brought to the room and to our panel discussion. It was a fantastic event and something that we all will remember for a long time. Thank you again!"

-Fenway Sports Group

Evert is one of the most prominent female athletes of our time and one of the most recognizable women in the nation. A tennis icon and coach, she shares with audiences the lessons she learned along the way about going for your goals and resilience as well as the past and future of the sport.

"Maria was spellbinding for our audience! The feedback is phenomenal! Please be sure to pass on our personal thanks and on behalf of the whole Infosys organization."


"He was fantastic!"

-Johnson & Johnson

With Tony's typical modesty and humor, he tells the amazing story of his unprecedented success from skateboarder to CEO. Starting his business out of the trunk of his car, he pledged to maintain authenticity in all he did, and it's served him well.

Subban is one of the most dynamic athletes and personalities in sports. Known not only as an All-Star NHL defenseman for the New Jersey Devils, Subban is also a philanthropist, entrepreneur, producer and fashion enthusiast. 

Heralded for his ability to inspire and any audience with honest and empowering conversations, Carter speaks about the challenges and triumphs of his storied career, his powerful recovery story, and how to use life's most challenging obstacles to emerge a stronger, better version of yourself. 

Usman is a highly skilled, tenacious, and calculative fighter, currently competing in the welterweight division of the UFC, where he is the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight Champion. For him, fighting is a purpose, a lifestyle, and most importantly, a device to motivate people to build themselves and attain the heights for which they envision for themselves. 


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