CAPTAIN "SULLY" SULLENBERGER: "Miracle on the Hudson" Captain; Leading authority on leadership & flawless execution strategies 

Captain Sullenberger shared key insights on risk management and leadership in a fascinating and informative interview on this week's The Forbes Interview podcast. Captain Sullenberger provides game-changing takeaways on how to build a team that can manage risk, lead by example, and thrive under pressure in business and life.

"Our Sales and Content leaders, were in awe when [Captain Sullenberger] took to the stage...There was not one sound in the room the entire time that he spoke...When you book a speaking engagement with Captain Sullenberger, you will definitely get more than your money’s worth. He was professional, pleasant and most accommodating... I feel confident that his appearance will help this year’s conference to be ranked as one of the best ever!"

-Cox Media Group

"Capt. Sully did a tremendous job addressing the nearly 1300 attendees at our industry's Outlook breakfast. His message about preparedness, and details, and the important role they play in decision making really resonated with our audience. His story-telling abilities kept the audience engaged, and his message about doing the right thing and the difference it can make was a thought-provoking reminder to everyone in the room... "

-Recreational Vehicle Industry Association

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STEPHEN DUBNER: Bestselling Author, Freakonomics Series; Host of Freakonomics Radio and Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Stephen Dubner can add another impressive accomplishment to his long list: he just won a 2017 Webby Award—considered “The Internet’s highest honor"—for his fascinating and thought-proving Freakonomics Radio episode, “Is the Internet Being Ruined? Dubner appeared on an episode of the Webby Awards Podcast to revisit the prescient question and share insights from his game-changing Freakonomics franchise.

"We were absolutely blown away by Stephen’s knowledge, his professionalism, his speaking ability, the engaging stories he told and his patience in signing so many books and speaking personally with all our attendees. We could not be happier and have received countless positive notes from our clients. The content was the perfect way to set up our entire Summit."


"Stephen was amazing. He possesses this great quality of delivering complex concepts with humor and relevancy."


"Stephen was great! Perfect for this group. Looking forward to our gig next month [with him]!"

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MOHAMED EL-ERIAN: Chief Economic Advisor, Allianz; Internationally Recognized Expert on World Economy & Finance

Mohamed El-Erian's sharp insights on the the key forces affecting global capital markets at last month's Milken Institute Global Conference instantly made headlines in Business Insider and on Fox Business. Celebrated for having the world’s ear when it comes to market analysis, El-Erian is in-demand for TV appearances, and his latest Guardian op-ed on the state of global capitalism received over 3,000 shares.   

"We have been inundated with glowing feedback and comments...[everyone] found Dr. El-Erian’s insights valuable, interesting and enjoyable...He has an incredible ability to convey what are quite complex matters in a relatively simple way that everyone in the audience can understand, and furthermore he connects with people in a remarkable way..."


-National Bank Of Abu Dhabi

Here is a sampling of the open-ended feedback: “perfect start”; “he was excellent and very happy to see the high caliber of keynote speaker”; “fantastic, very informative”; “Excellent delivery taking complicated thoughts but delivering them in real life experiences.”


"We loved hosting Dr. El- Erian! He was amazing!"

-Economic Club of Canada

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TIM BERNERS-LEE: Inventor of the World Wide Web; President and Founder, Open Data Institute

Sir Tim Berners-Lee was just awarded two highly prestigious awards back-to-back: the Turing Award—known as the “Nobel Prize” of the computing industry—and the Axel Springer Award. The announcement of Sir Tim as the Turing Award recipient instantly made headlines from Forbes and CBS to TechCrunch and Wired, and resulted in an interview with The Guardian on the future of the internet. 

"The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive and all the guests greatly valued your insights and perspectives. A number commented to me that it was the best EY event they had ever attended. That is a testament to your genius and interactive style."

-Ernst & Young

"Sir Tim was incredible and really well received both during the CIO roundtable and the keynote ... he totally wowed the crowd...Frankly, he’s the perfect keynoter for a show like IP EXPO and his participation gave us a huge amount of coverage. My only challenge following the keynote is the volume of internal and external questions saying how the heck was I going to follow up from that!" 
- Imago Techmedia
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Whether for their shrewd economic insights, powerful lessons on leadership, or revolutionary innovations, these HWA Speakers capture the world's attention and consistently win praise at every event they speak at. True icons, they inform and inspire in equal measure, leaving your audience buzzing and with instantly implementable takeaways.