Morning television’s hottest political duo Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski can be hosted as individual speakers or as a dynamic duo, and have spoken everywhere from The Cato Institute to Harvard University and received rave reviews.

When hosted together, Joe and Mika bring their famous talk show to life to audience's delight. A mix of both the hard-hitting and irreverent, Joe and Mika are a jolt of fresh air as they offer a thoughtful, dynamic and fast-paced perspective on the current political and media landscape with the same natural repartee and off-the-cuff commentary they are heralded for each morning on television.


JOY REID: MSNBC Political Analyst and Host of The ReidOut

JOY REID is the host of the new primetime cable news program, The ReidOut, making her the first black woman to host a primetime cable news program. Heralded in The Hollywood Reporter for her "ability to break down complex issues in a way that makes them digestible and accessible," Reid is celebrated for her no-nonsense, sharp commentary, and ability to go beyond the headlines to reveal what is truly at risk, and for whom. Ranking in the top five most-tweeted journalists and commentators of a top news outlet, Reid provides timely, candid analysis on the top issues of the day. 

"I wanted to thank you and your entire team for Joy's participation in my conference last week. People simply loved her. She was great!" - Institute of Policy Studies at Howard University


JOHN DICKERSON: 60 Minutes Correspondent; Former Co-Host, CBS This Morning and Anchor, Face the Nation; New York Times Bestselling Author

JOHN DICKERSON is a sought-after voice for insights into the world in which we live, and a trusted voice to interpret current events.

With the release of his new book, The Hardest Job in the World: The American Presidency, Dickerson has been leading virtual conversations about how the presidency and the president are holding up during recent crises of the pandemic, economic crisis and racial unrest. He asks and discusses questions such as, "Are the same skills that get someone elected the same skills needed for the job?" 


SUNNY HOSTIN: Four-time Emmy Award-winning co-host of ABC's The View

An attorney and renowned multi-platform journalist SUNNY HOSTIN is currently co-host of ABC’s The View. Hostin recently moderated a discussion on "Race and Allyship in America" for The 19th's 2020 Virtual Summit. Watch video >>

A powerful speaker, her rave reviews include:"This year's event was clearly the best and Sunny's contribution to it was KEY. Her style and depth of substance is second to none. We were all blessed by her words of encouragement, resiliency, and inspiration." (University of Maryland); "Sunny was FANTASTIC! She was so personable, funny and engaging. The feedback received from our top executives was phenomenal." (Barclaycard US).


BRET STEPHENS: Op-Ed Columnist, The New York Times; Pulitzer Prize Winner for Distinguished Commentary; On-Air Contributor, NBC & MSNBC; Foreign Affairs Expert

Conservative pundit BRET STEPHENS brings shrewd insights to audiences seeking understanding about the world in which we live – from social unrest, to the pandemic to the political climate in America.

Read Bret Stephens' latest NYT columns >>

The best endorsements of Brett come from meeting planners: "Bret Stephens was fabulous last night!! He was thoughtful, articulate, and had elements of humor woven into his very serious talk. He kept his talk bi-partisan by calling out those on the left and the right. He is brilliant!!! It was a terrific evening!" (ADL) “Bret was TERRIFIC last night.”(Community Advocates, Inc.) 


TIFFANY D. CROSS: Resident Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics; Bestselling Author, Say It Louder: Black Voters, White Narratives, and Saving Our Democracy

Known for her unique ability to engage audiences with digestible dialogue about some of today’s most complicated issues, renowned journalist and media entrepreneur TIFFANY D. CROSS been sought-out to discuss the importance of the black vote and her book in an engaging virtual conversation with Joy Reid and virtual Town Hall on the politics of the coronavirus. Cross also helped pen a powerful op-ed with a video component for The Washington Post and was interviewed in Harvard's Political Review. In her compelling engagements, Cross dives into timely topics including: economic anxiety, Black voter engagement and turnout, the modern day women’s rights movement, cable news and campaign coverage, and the consequences of Election 2020 on our democracy.


CLARENCE PAGE: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist; Member of Chicago Tribune’s Editorial Board

CLARENCE PAGE is one of the most nationally recognized and highly regarded syndicated columnists in the country. A frequent panelist on The McLaughlin Group, commentator on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday, and political analyst on MSNBChis recent columns with the Chicago Tribune’s Editorial Board cover such issues as social unrest, policing, politics, and the upcoming election.

A go-to voice on American culture and politics thanks to his sharp, thoughtful and moving analysis, Page has received lifetime achievement awards from the Chicago Headline Club, the National Society of Newspaper Columnists and the National Association of Black Journalists. In his talks, he decodes top political issues with clarity, balance and humor. 


PEGGY NOONAN: Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist for the Wall Street Journal; Political Analyst, NBC News & MSNBC

There are many reasons why PEGGY NOONAN is one of the most brilliant political thinkers, columnists, and commentators of our time, and this talk at the 92Y is a clear example. Noonan’s Declarations in the Wall Street Journal, a series of columns about the times we live in, has run since 2000, and reaches millions of readers each week. Be it at in-person or virtual events, in front of audiences of 700 senior executives at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores annual meeting, 1,600 executives at the American Hospital Association's annual membership meeting, or 1,600 C-suite executives and government leaders at the Detroit Regional Chamber Mackinac Policy Conference, Noonan brings to life U.S. politics and history with fresh insights and thoughtful analysis. 


HELENE COOPER: Pulitzer Prize-Winning New York Times Pentagon Correspondent 

HELENE COOPER is the Pulitzer Prize-winning Pentagon correspondent for The New York Times, having previously served as White House Correspondent, diplomatic correspondent, and the assistant editorial page editor.

Read Helene Cooper's latest NYT columns >>

Watch her appearances on Meet the Press >>

Prior to moving to the Times, Helene spent twelve years as a reporter and foreign correspondent at The Wall Street Journal. She is also the recipient of the George Polk award for health reporting and the Overseas Press Club Award. "Helene was great...everyone was really taken with her!" (Rice University)