"Your keynote remarks provoked a good bit of discussion and I thought the Q&A session started our event off with a high dose of energy and good humor." -American Israel Public Affairs Committee ____________

"Your remarks were extremely insightful and very helpful to our industry leaders. Your comments on the current political atmosphere and the prognosis for the future were most informative." -Edison Electric Institute


"Ben was wonderful and generous with the students. Everybody appreciated his acute and thoughtful answers to the many questions asked... The students who attended the Q & A were enthusiastic and the public clearly enjoyed his open presentation." - Indiana University

"He was great. He connected well with students, donors and other VIPs, and did a fine job in the lecture. I am impressed, as others were, with how accessible he is. That is, one doesn't meet a general everyday, but he wears that identity lightly and wants to engage." -Boise State University


"Cody stole the show at our global corporate affairs gathering. He brought his warmth, richness of experience, and incredible sense of humor...I was not surprised to see that he rated the top speaker in our program." - Hilton

"Everything was perfect last night here at Fairfield and with the live zoom/virtual feed to our audience. Ms. Noonan - 'par for the course' - was her usual magnificently congenial, insightful and simpatico self." - Fairfield University


"It was a huge success! We received such great feedback on his remarks, interview and the panel! One of the best we’ve had." -Pershing LLC

"We loved having Gary as part of this inaugural Forum, he's a fantastic speaker and I know our full audience benefited from his insights." -Major Economic Forum


"We had a WONDERFUL experience with Jane Lute!!! Our surveys have come back and are overwhelmingly extremely positive about her keynote presentation. We were truly thrilled to have her experience and her perspective on cybersecurity." -Northern Kentucky University

For an insider's perspective on politics - both on domestic issues and America's place in the world - Tom Bossert is an engaging speaker who leaves audiences with balanced and detailed understanding of what's ahead in politics. __________________


"Working with Karen Mills was an absolute pleasure. Her speaking engagement was so well received and in turn we had many bankers request [a video of] her presentation. Karen definitely added to the success of our event and we were so glad she attended our dinner as well." -PayNet

One of the world's leading economists, Kevin Hassett is in demand to talk about what the next 6-12 months look like in politics, business, national security and the economy. Heralded for his refreshing sense of humor, he leaves audiences informed and engaged.


"Your timing, political insight, good-natured bantering...was dead on perfect. The session received a rousing standing ovation." -Society of Industrial and Office Realtors

"She did a fabulous job and her presentation was a perfect way to kick off our event. She was very well-received and the feedback has been very positive." -International Dairy Foods Association