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Must-See TED GLOBAL Video!
Over 1 Million Views in less than 2.5 Months
for Renowned Ethnobotanist

What the people of the Amazon know about healing
that you don't, and why you need to care.

In an energetic and insightful talk, Mark Plotkin brings us into the
world of the forest's indigenous tribes and the incredible medicinal plants
that their Shamans use to heal. He outlines the challenges and perils
that are endangering them - as well as their wisdom- and urges us to
protect this irreplaceable repository of knowledge.

Mark Plotkin


"Mark Plotkin's TED talk was mesmerizing and compelling. His incredible visuals, remarkable storytelling and intimate connection with the audience left everyone wanting more and ready to join his cause. The rare standing ovation was instantaneous, thundering, and deserved us.” -Stephen Petranek, Editor-in-Chief, Breakthrough Technology Alert

"Mark mesmerized the audience on the beach in Rio, at the TED Global Conference, with his tales of magic, science, struggle, and hope in the Amazon.  His natural storyteller style brings the remarkable people, plants and animals across in vivid detail. Mark's love for his work, and his passion of enrolling others in the vision of preserving and understanding the wonders of the rainforest through it's indigenous people, is a warm and delicious tasting that leaves you hungry to learn more. After hearing Mark, I'm seriously thinking of visiting Surinam to see in person
all that he described."
-Michael Weitz, Virtuozo

"Mark Plotkin gave a powerfully compelling talk at TED Global 2014 about the moral, scientific, and societal importance of protecting un-contacted tribes and the natural habitats which they call home. Mark's message is one that people need to hear - and listen carefully to - because the future of these brothers and sisters of ours, and quite likely ours too, depends on what we as humanity decide to do." -Luke Barbara, Director- Brazil Gateway, Office of International Affairs


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