With over 20 years experience as an elected official and current role as a commentator on CNN, Michael Nutter is a political powerhouse who is in-demand for his invaluable insider insights, engaging (and humorous) commentary, and thought leadership on today's top issues.

Starting out as a City Council member for over 14 years, Nutter gained renown as Philadelphia's innovative and vocal mayor who was able to deliver, and go beyond, his ambitious core campaign promises over his eight years in office.

Credited with bringing Philadelphia back from the devastating effects of the 2008 Recession, Nutter's impressive legacy from his time as mayor includes: 
  • Being named both Governing Magazine's "Public Official of the Year" and Esquire's "Americans of the Year"
  • Increasing Philadelphia's population for the first time in 57 years, including the largest percentage of millenial population growth in the country
  • Introducing tax reforms to recruit both international and national businesses
"I didn't run for mayor to be the caretaker of the status quo."
-Michael Nutter
  • Upping Philadelphia's credit rating to the "A" category by three major agencies for the first time since the 1970s 
  • Bringing homicide rates down to a near 50-year low
  • Improving Philadelphia's stature worldwide, hosting major events like Jay Z's Made in America Festival, a visit by Pope Francis, and the Democratic National Convention 
"Mayor Nutter is leaving Philadelphia safer, bigger, better educated at the collegiate level, more cosmopolitan and... more prosperous than he found it... On his watch, millennials and immigrants flooded in, the city’s profile on the world stage grew, and corruption was simply not tolerated."
- Patrick Kerksta, Writer for Philadelphia Magazine 
Since stepping down from office due to term limits, Nutter has remained a vocal and passionate leader who is sought-out by top organizations and companies across industries. Just a sample:
“As mayor of one of our nation’s largest cities, he has earned a national reputation as a leader in urban public policy – addressing key challenges in economic development, public safety, environmental innovation and many others.”
- Columbia University's SIPA Dean, Merit E. Janow

"Mayor Nutter... has translated theory into practice and leadership into action." 
- University of Pennsylvania IUR Co-Director, Eugene Birch 
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Whether by cutting-edge start-ups or major television networks, elite academic institutions or innovative philanthropic initiatives, Michael Nutter is in-demand for his unparalleled experience, insight, and passion that not only informs decision-making but drives meaningful change. A true thought leader with tremendous political clout and a proven track record, Nutter is celebrated as a speaker for his frank and spot-on analysis, quick and hilarious one-liners, and remarkable breadth of knowledge.