The sharing economy. Gig economy. Access economy. New terminology points to a rapidly-evolving business landscape infused with ever-changing technologies. HWA Speakers have the expertise and experience to keep business leaders across industries prepared and ahead of the curve.
APRIL RINNE: Head of the Sharing Economy Working Group, World Economic Forum; Global authority on the new economy and marketplace innovation 

Praised as "insightful, engaging and informative," Rinne is a renowned expert at the vanguard of technological advances, disruptive innovation, and the “new” marketplace, revealing transformative shifts that are underway before they are headline news, and providing invaluable, implementable takeaways for any organization.

"I’ve seen some exceptional people who convey passion, who provide new-to-the-world insights, and who fully appreciate that it’s not about what they say but what their audience hears, feels, and relates to. April is all this and more! Not only a rare combination, but also a vital one ...I’ve always come away from April’s presentations feeling as if I’ve developed a better understanding how the world works..."

-The Coca-Cola Company

"The Luncheon Keynote Address was presented by Ms. April Rinne and was a highlight of the day. Ms. Rinne presented the subject matter with expertise, enthusiasm and energy. She provided a historical and global perspective on the changing landscape of economies, including the role of technology..."

-Toronto City Hall

"Portland is an innovation leader... which led to unreasonably high expectations for your presentations. However, you exceeded even those expectations with your eminent expertise, global experience and acumen, and your thorough preparation including the understanding of our audience. This was one of our finest lectures over the 15 years of bringing global leaders to our campus."

-Business School, University of Portland

"April's presentation was fantastic. She delivered a keynote as it should be: showing the big picture, addressing key issues, and doing so in a way that's enlightening and fun... She set the stage for an excellent conference, and many participants commented that April's speech was the most interesting and useful of all."

  • Just delivered a keynote on the future of work and economic trends at the WTC Global Summit for 1,000 industry and government leaders
  • Spoke at The Sharing Cities Summit, focusing on the new way of doing business and influence of new technologies, for senior policy makers and industry executives from around the world.
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    KAREN MILLSAdministrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (2009-2013) Former Member of Obama Cabinet and National Economic Council; Expert on Small Business, Entrepreneurship, & Innovation

    "Working with Karen Mills was an absolute pleasure. Her speaking engagement was so well received and in turn we had many bankers request [a video of] her presentation. Karen definitely added to the success of our event and we were so glad she attended our dinner as well. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again."


    PHIL LIBIN: Co-Founder of Global Productivity Tool, Evernote; Digital Entrepreneur & Venture Capital Investor

    "We are very much satisfied with the work and the speeches of Phil Libin. He fulfilled our expectations fully and behaved very professionally throughout the whole conference. Especially the fireside chat was very inspiring for the audience."

    -Swiss Economic Forum

    JERRY MICHALSKI: Founder, REX (Relationship Economy eXpedition); Futurist & Thought Leader on Transformative Business Models

    "I never fail to learn new insights from his talks. First he intrigues, then he unfolds his insights and then he suggests new pathways ahead that enable me to act on the insights... So by the end of his talks I realize he is a true maestro orchestrating ideas, tools and concepts that stuns and excites me to action.” 
    - Xerox PARC

    PETER SHEAHANCPAE Speaker Hall of Fame®; Founder & Group CEO, Karrikins Group; Author of seven books, including Flip and Matter

    "First off, thank YOU. Our group LOVED YOU! You are awesome—personally, a delight and a gentleman, and professionally, the real deal. Your content, delivery, and engaging manner was just what the doctor ordered for day two of Summit. Thank you so much!"

    -The Nielsen Company

    SETH MATTISON: Renowned expert on workforce trends; Author of The War at Work and The M-Factor

    "He was utterly amazing, everyone in attendance couldn’t stop talking about him for days! He is a super star, over the top with knowledge, expertise, energy, creativity and brilliant speaking skills. He interviewed several of our attendees in advance and then customized his speech which really made it a home run. Seth made our conference a tremendous success and any organization that hires him to speak is certain to take their event to an entirely new level."

    -National Confectioners Association
    These HWA Speakers are at the forefront of economic developments and universally heralded for their uncanny ability to shed light on evolving business models and future trends. Given the break neck evolution of technologies, and its tremendous impact on businesses, these HWA Speakers give leaders the insights they need to become predictive rather than reactive.