New & Exclusive HWA Speakers


Former Prime Minister & Head of Government of Finland (2019-2023)

Obama Campaign Manager & Senior Advisor; 2X NYT Bestselling Author; Non-Profit & Tech Executive 

NYT & WSJ Bestselling Author of Radical Candor; Co-Founder, and Leadership & Culture Expert

RUN DMC Front Man; Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee; Bestselling Author; Producer, DJ & TV Personality

Gold Medal Olympic Gymnast, NYT Bestselling Author, and Entrepreneur

Pulitzer-Winning Biographer; Historian; Journalist; Known for American Prometheus - Inspiration for Oppenheimer

Former U.S. Ambassador to China; Longest-Serving Governor in U.S. History; President of The World Food Prize Foundation

Former CDC Director and Former Chair of the Office of AIDS Research Advisory Council at the NIH

Former U.S. SecDef; Bestselling Author of A Sacred Oath; Commissioner, U.S.-China Economic and Security Review

Internationally Renowned DJ; Entrepreneur; Author; Futurist on Intersection of Music & Technology

Comedian; Writer; Producer; Actor; Emmy-Nominated Creator of A Black Lady Sketch Show

4x Emmy & Grammy-Nominated Comedian & Entertainer; NYT & WSJ Bestselling Author of Playing With Myself

Award-Winning American Interior Designer; Entrepreneur, Author, and Television Personality

Wall Street Trader-Turned-Expert Educator; Author; Founder & CEO of Your Rich BFF

Pioneer in Unscripted TV, CEO of A. Smith & Co Productions, and Author

AI Expert; NYT Bestselling Author; Filmmaker; Woman-in-Tech Leader

Co-Founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of 'nft now' and Early Adopter of Web3 and AI

Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, Esteemed Professor, and Co-author of Permacrisis

Critical Care Physician; Health Policy Researcher at Harvard; Co-Author of Random Acts of Medicine

NYT Bestselling Author; Podcast Host; Thought Leader on Adult Mental Health

Neurosurgeon; Medical Pioneer; Former NFL Player; Bestselling Author

Podcaster, Host of TED's 'Good Sport' Podcast, and Former Professional Ultimate Frisbee Player and Coach

Former NFL Linebacker; 12-Year ESPN Broadcaster; 2020 College Football Hall of Fame Inductee

Television Creator, Writer and Producer Known for Friends and Grace and Frankie

Chef and TV Personality; Host of Top Chef Canada; Author; Entrepreneur

Co-Founder of Religion of Sports; Documentary Filmmaker, Producer, and Author

Talent Whisperer, Energy Purveyor, and Hype Coach; Author; Artist Development Expert

Stand-Up Comedian, Writer, and Actor Using Dyslexia & ADHD to Creative Advantage

Oscar-Winning Filmmaker of Women Talking and Author of Run Towards the Danger

Award-Winning Digital Media Entrepreneur; Creator and Host of BuzzFeed’s Biggest Food Show Worth It