If you want someone to light up your event with inspiration, humor, and a GREAT story, MAYSOON ZAYID is that speaker. A renowned motivational speaker, comedian, actress, writer, and disability advocate, she's just as funny as she is motivational, capturing 11 MILLION views for her TED Talk, "I got 99 problems...palsy is just one." She's the author of the inspirational Memoir, Find Another Dream, and a Princeton University Arts Fellow for 2021-23.

Zayid recently motivated 22,000 people at Amazon, and received countless rave reviews from the crowd after she spoke, with audience members sharing, “'Maysoon was fantastic! I have followed her for years and was so excited for this event.' … 'Maysoon was wonderful-bring her back for another one!' … 'Maysoon is so engaging, funny, and authentic. I laughed, I got misty, I learned, and I had fun. Thank you for doing this.and 'Maysoon rocks and we should infuse her into as many company events as possible! Everyone needs to hear her story and hear her perspectives. She's making the world a better place with inclusion of all humans.'" Hilarious, disarming, and with a message that matters, Zayid's comedy and commentary resonates with audiences worldwide.


Zayid's candid, inspiring, and laugh-out-loud funny talks cover topics ranging from beating the odds, to fostering inclusivity and battling discrimination, to the challenges facing the disability community. She is available to speak exclusively through HWA.