To test your resilience at work, read the ten statements below created by one of the most sought after and exciting speakers in the world, expert on outstanding leadership and management practices Marcus Buckingham. For each statement, decide if you strongly disagree, disagree, feel neutral, agree, or strongly agree.

  1. I have all the freedom I need to decide how to get my work done.
  2. No matter what else is going on around me, I can stay focused on getting my work done.
  3. In the last week, I have felt excited to work every day.
  4. I always believe that things are going to work out for the best.
  5. My team leader tells me what I need to know before I need to know it.
  6. I trust my team leader.
  7. I am encouraged to take risks.
  8. Senior leaders are one step ahead of events.
  9. Senior leaders always do what they say they are going to do.
  10. I completely trust my company’s senior leaders.

According to Buckingham, people that chose strongly agree for most of the above statements fall into the 15% of people who are considered highly resilient. How'd you do?

In his talks, Buckingham uses extensive psychometric data-based research like this and field experience running teams to show leaders how to create resilient organizations and teams. Hearing him speak synthesizes the lessons from his best-selling books and focuses teams on how to realize the outcomes they want no matter what external curveballs are thrown their way.

With a new book coming out in early 2022 called Love + Work, Buckingham is in demand for speaking engagements at companies that want to change what they do and how they collaborate to reach their goals.