Renowned economist Alan Krueger has the rare ability to explain economics in plain English—and challenges audiences to rethink assumptions.

Renowned Economist Alan Krueger on the Economic Issues Shaping Our Future

One of the nation’s most respected economists, Alan Krueger recently earned high praise from AT&T when he delivered a tailored presentation to their senior leadership team on the Gig Economy and its implications to the telecommunications sector: “The event was great – the team really enjoyed the time spent with Alan and had extremely positive feedback. They believed he uncovered a hard to see insight and they thought it was a very productive use of time. Thanks to you and your team for all the help in coordinating!"

Dr. Krueger's presentation was based on his talk, "Wages, Labor Policy and the Gig Economy." As technology and entrepreneurship make way for a Gig Economy - think Uber- new questions are raised about protecting and growing America's stable work force. Alan Krueger has long been particularly insightful on economic data and policy around labor and wages. In this speech, he outlines the risks and benefits of the new Gig Economy companies and the workforce. 

Among the 50 highest-ranked economists in the world, Dr. Krueger has served as chairman of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) and he is the only economist to have served as Chief Economist of both the Department of the Treasury and Department of Labor. Dr. Krueger is currently Bendheim Professor of Economics and Public Affairs at Princeton University. 

Alan Krueger in The Media & Recent Talks
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Alan Krueger was live on Periscope earlier this month, speaking at the EconED conference. Using real life examples, he talks about applying economics to daily decisions. Watch video >>
Is the sun setting on the modern era of globalization? Alan Krueger joins a panel of economists to discuss at the Bloomberg Markets Most Influential summit. Watch video >>
As one of the foremost experts on labor markets, wage growth, inequality and unemployment, Dr. Krueger examines the current U.S. recovery, future policy developments, risks and opportunities in the global economy, and the emerging sharing economy. Watch video: "Fair and Efficient Rules for Capitalism" >>
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Whether you are a looking for insights into economic trends for a competitive edge, or looking for a fascinating program about economics and everyday decisions, Alan Krueger is a terrific choice for any economy-related issue. Let's connect soon and discuss bringing him to your next meeting or event.

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