International Pioneer in the Fields of Innovation, Technology and Human Performance, Steven Kotler Joins HWA Exclusively

New York Times bestselling author of The Rise of Superman, Abundance and Bold, Steven Kotler shows companies how to unlock their potential and level up their game like never before. Kotler explains how a shift in mindset can increase performance and ignite passion.

Steven Kotler has spoken to and consulted with everyone from Fortune 100 companies to the US Special Forces. He explores the mental tactics utilized by high performing organizations like Google and the Navy Seals, and details how today’s top entrepreneurs—Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk—have learned to think at scale and perform at speed—the core requirements for creative disruption. 

"Steven Kotler's presentation was cutting-edge and utterly engaging. He introduced our audience to a unique set of concepts and perspectives that left participants deeply informed, richly inspired, and with a renewed sense of purpose. I recommend him highly."

-The SuperheroYou Conference

"Steven Kotler presents a vision for the future that not only brings optimism, but inspires all who listen. His visit left our business school buzzing, and transformed student's visions for the roles business leaders can play in shaping the future."

-University of Iowa School of Business

Kotler is Co-founder and Director of Research for the Flow Genome Project, a research and training organization dedicated to decoding the science of ultimate human performance. His Flow Video Series, an exploration of ultimate human performance, has been viewed by over a million people.

Recent Speaking Engagements

  • Cisco
  • Aspen Institute
  • East Rock Capital
  • Disney
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Google
  • Omnicom Media Group
  • ISI Group
  • Cascades Tissue Group
  • NBOA
  • SuperheroYou
  • Vitech Systems Group, Inc.
  • Advertising Research Foundation
  • Gerber/Taylor Capital Advisors
  • ARCH Venture Partners
  • The Hyde Foundation
  • Menlo Ventures
  • American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys
  • St. Mary’s University
  • University of Iowa
  • Bulletproof Biohacker’s Conference
  • Investure
  • Miura Global

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