The NEXT BIG business best-seller will be Stealing Fire from Steven Kotler


If you are always looking for that program that will make you look brilliant at predicting the future then you need to book STEVEN KOTLER now.  He’s the co-author of BoldAbundance and The Rise of Superman, and in February 2017 he’s set to publish what reviewers are calling a “groundbreaking book in the vein of Daniel Pink’s Drive and Charles Duhigg’s Smarter Faster Better.”    

Stealing Fire is a book about profound possibility—about what is actually possible for ourselves and our species when we unlock the full potential of the human mind. Just as his previous books explored altered states of consciousness and how they can ignite passion, fuel creativity, and accelerate problem solving, Stealing Fire examines why generating "flow" and getting "into the zone" have become the goal of the world’s most elite organizations.

Stealing Fire combines cutting-edge research and first-hand reporting to explore a revolution in human performance — a movement millions of people strong to harness and utilize some of the most misunderstood and controversial experiences in history. Building a bridge between the extreme and the mainstream, this groundbreaking and provocative book examines how the world’s top performers—the Navy SEALS, Googlers, Fortune 100 CEOs—are using altered states to radically accelerate performance and massively improve their lives, and how we can too.

Why are business moguls attending Burning Man? Why has meditation become a billion-dollar industry? Why are technology gurus turning to psychedelic drugs to unlock creativity?  All of these people are seeking to shift their state of mind as a way of unlocking their true potential. Altered states, the authors reveal, sharpen our decision making capabilities, unleash creativity, fuel cooperation, and let us tap into levels of inspiration and innovation unavailable at all other times. 

Steven Kotler is a Win for Meeting Planners

"Steven Kotler's presentation was cutting-edge and utterly engaging. He introduced our audience to a unique set of concepts and perspectives that left participants deeply informed, richly inspired, and with a renewed sense of purpose. I recommend him highly."

-The SuperheroYou Conference

"Steven Kotler presents a vision for the future that not only brings optimism, but inspires all who listen. His visit left our business school buzzing, and transformed student's visions for the roles business leaders can play in shaping the future."

-University of Iowa School of Business

"Steven connected with our audience in an unimaginable way. His incredible breadth of neuroscience knowledge allowed him to dramatically engage our group of academics and mental health professionals. The session was high energy, innovative, humorous and at times even heart warming. This talk was a masterful demonstration of skill and talent from a brilliant mind. An experience worth repeating!"

-The International Society for Neurofeedback and Research

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