Iconoclastic entrepreneur and business legend KEN LANGONE is renowned as the co-founder of The Home Depot, where he helped the company expand to a national chain with over 2,000 locations and 400,000 employees. A pillar of corporate America for decades, Langone is the Founder and CEO of investment banking firm Invemed Associates LLC, served as CEO and President of Geeknet, Inc. (2011-2013), and was a director of the New York Stock Exchange. Celebrated as a world-class philanthropist, Langone's many contributions include a major gift to NYU's Medical Center, resulting in its renaming as the NYU Langone Medical Center.  

Sought-out to speak everywhere from Yahoo Finance to Yale University, Langone provides on-the-nose business insights, sharp analysis on the current political and economic climate, and real-life, empowering, inspiration on success and leadership. 

Langone's recently released New York Times bestseller, I Love Capitalism!: An American Story, tells his compelling personal story rising up from a low-income family to becoming one of America's most successful businessmen. Filled with fascinating stories about how he struggled to get an education, break into Wall Street, scramble for an MBA at night, and apply his street smarts to 8-figure and 9-figure deals, the memoir is also a passionate defense of the American Dream — of preserving a country in which any hungry kid can reach the maximum potential of his or her talents and work ethic. 


“I have known Ken Langone for forty years and simply put, he is a force of nature. I Love Capitalism fully captures the magnitude of that force, and the story of one of the most recognizable figures in business and an American treasure.”
—Stanley Druckenmiller, Founder, Duquesne Capital

“Insightful and inspirational... An authentic, up-by-the-bootstraps story by a shining example of the American dream.”
—Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
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Equally renowned for his business acumen as his contributions as a prolific philanthropist, KEN LANGONE  has seen it all on his way to a net worth beyond his wildest dreams. In his captivating conversation An Evening with Ken Langone, he discusses his career, life, and thoughts on how to preserve the American Dream and why free markets are worth defending. Shedding light on the current economic climate, revealing candid business insights, and sharing revelatory personal stories, Langone leaves audiences riveted, informed and inspired.