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Does Your Organization Know How To Drive Innovation Successfully?

"This was one of the most productive workshops I've attended. I walked away with a framework for introducing a systematic approach to innovation in my organization."

Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation

Imagine the productivity and innovation ideas your organization could set in motion after 2 days with JOHN KAO—the man The Economist dubbed “Mr. Creativity.” 

John Kao has delivered strategic innovation programs with clients as diverse as:

- Nike (supply chain strategy)
- Intel (diversification into new opportunity spaces)
- Government of Finland (national innovation strategy)
- Leading Trade Organizations

Kao's master class programs allow for deeper investigation into an issue of strategic significance to your organization such as a strategy question, a product development issue, or building a successful innovation agenda for your organization..  

In order to create an effective and customized agenda for your master class, John will conduct 2 pre-event conference calls to better understand the issues your company is facing and prepare a customized solutions-oriented program for your specific challenges and required outcomes.  He does the breakout sessions, facilitates the workshops, mini-presentations and exercises to your group of 10-40 executives. Larger groups can also be accommodated.

Three Unique Programs
  1. Half Day "Beyond the Keynote" This 4-hour highly interactive session is aimed at priming the pump for an organization to take action around an innovation agenda.

  2. Full Day "Master Class" A one day, 8-hour work session that can launch the innovation process in a practical way for your organization.

  3. 2-Day “Deep Dive ”
    This interactive workshop that unfolds over 2 days will result in dramatic progress towards an aspirational goal. Experience shows that an evening's pause between two daytime sessions is often the decisive factor in creating breakthroughs.

"On behalf of the Tech Pioneer, Social Entrepreneur, and Global Shaper Communities , I'd like to thank you for your fun and energetic
facilitaition of today's Dynamic Trio workspace."

World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland

For fee information and more details about how John Kao's Master Class will help your organization successfully grow your innovation startegy please call HWA at 646-227-4900.

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