Your organization may be looking for Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI) programming to support the meaningful work you’re doing to create a culture of inclusivity and end systemic racism. Many organizations who come to us for help developing these programs want a series of events rather than a one-off, not only to signal their commitment but also because they know that sustained focus is how real change happens.

Here's what we’ve learned are the components of good JEDI programming:

  • Kickoff your conversation around a shared framework with a collective book read. HWA can facilitate a bulk book purchase and mailing to each of your employees
  • Deepen your understanding: Invite the author for a kickoff event: something like a 25 minute book talk followed by a 20 minute facilitated Q&A, or a 45 minute moderated conversation
  • Anchor your internal small group/ team breakout discussions around a follow-up series of 5 minute author videos that live on your organization’s intranet. This reinforces the learning from the book and author visit, and provides the framework for the types of conversations where real change happens.
  • Train your leadership team in an awareness workshop
  • Offer several access points for employees to engage: Host a JEDI movie screening and speak with the actor or director
  • Vary your series of programming by tone and type: A commentator, a storyteller, a movement maker, a humorist

HWA can help you piece these elements together to create a year’s worth of JEDI programming that will make a real difference in your culture. 


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Grammy Award-Winning Hip-Hop Artist,

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