TIM BERNERS-LEEInventor of the World Wide Web; One of TIME Magazine's "Top 100 Most Important People of the 20th Century"

Inventor of the World Wide Web TIM BERNERS-LEE was the subject of a fascinating profile in Vanity Fair magazine about his vision for the future of the internet. Expressing concerns and regrets about his invention-- which he has seen debased by everything from fake news to mass surveillance--  Berners-Lee also outlined a path for the future, highlighting how we can ensure his vision of a safe and open web. His insightful and moving Vanity Fair interview quickly made headlines in other outlets, including Business Insider and NBC News. Currently at the helm of the Open Data Institute, and founder of the World Wide Web Foundation, Berners-Lee remains passionately involved in shaping the future of the web, and has been working on a new platform, entitled Solid, to reclaim the Web from corporations and return it to its democratic roots. As the president of the Ford Foundation, Darren Walker, said of Berners-Lee in the article: “He is the Martin Luther King of our new digital world." Regularly in-demand to shed light on the future of tech, recently Berners-Lee has been sought-out to deliver keynotes at numerous high-profile events including the Tigo Business Forum on AI, the MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit, and ConnectWise's IT Nation

"I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful event last night. The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive and all the guests greatly valued your insights and perspectives. A number commented to me that it was the best EY event they had ever attended. That is a testament to your genius and interactive style."

-Ernst & Young

"Sir Tim was incredible and really well received both during the CIO roundtable and the keynote ... he totally wowed the crowd... Frankly, he’s the perfect keynoter... gave us a huge amount of coverage. My only challenge following the keynote is the volume of internal and external questions saying how the heck was I going to follow up from that!

- Imago Techmedia

MARIA SHRIVER: Peabody & Emmy Award-winning Journalist & Producer; NBC News Special Anchor; First Lady of California (2003-2010); Six-time New York Times Bestselling Author; Founder, Shriver Media & The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement ; "Architect of Change"
The Today Show has launched a new series "Mother Knows Best," and Special Anchor MARIA SHRIVER kicked off the first feature with an interview of Maye Musk, mother of tech visionary Elon Musk. A Peabody & Emmy Award-winning Journalist, six-time New York Times Bestselling Author, and Founder of Shriver Media and The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, Maria knows what it takes to balance an ambitious professional career and motherhood. In her compelling interview with Musk, Maria highlights the hard work of motherhood, restarting your life from scratch, and finding passion and purpose in your work. Similar themes can be found in Maria's new Amazon and New York Times bestselling book, I've Been Thinking..., which provides inspiration and actionable lessons on how to live a truly meaningful life.  Celebrated as an activist and trailblazer, Maria motivates audiences to become "Architects of Change," using her own voice as a megaphone for educating the public on key issues from Alzheimer's, to work-life balance, to women's empowerment. Recently she wowed a crowd of 6,000 delivering a keynote at PBWC's Annual Conference for Woman in Business, where she earned the following praise: "She resonated with the audience so much and was very well received."

"Our conference theme on inspiring change, creativity and disruption was attended by 3,000 CEO’s from over 100 countries, not an easy audience to impress. Maria delivered. Her passion and universal message to make a difference in the lives of others resonated with everyone and was a highlight of the conference."

- YPO Edge 

"One of the most personable, candid presenters we’ve had in the 12 years of our women’s health luncheon and lecture."

-Mills Peninsula Health

MOHAMED EL-ERIAN: Chief Economic Advisor at Allianz; Chair of President Obama’s Global Development Council (2012-2017); CEO and Co-Chief Investment Officer of PIMCO (2007-2014); Columnist, Bloomberg View
An internationally respected economist and financier MOHAMED EL-ERIAN has been in-demand by major outlets including Bloomberg Markets,  CNN, and CNBC thanks to his expertise and revelatory insights into the stock market and global economy. Appearing on TV on a near daily basis, El-Erian decodes everything from Fed rates to rising tariffs, and his most recent Bloomberg View column on stock market activity was quickly picked up by other outlets. El-Erian also recently made headlines due to his appointment as a new member of Under Armour's Board of Directors. Consistently heralded as a smash-hit with audiences worldwide, El-Erian just shed light on the changing global economic outlook for an audience of 1,000 asset managers and investors at the 2018 Context Summit and is set to speak at the upcoming Barclay's Asia Forum. 

"Mohamed did an excellent job. He tailored his remarks to our audience really well. He was also very gracious when interacting with our guests and senior management at the cocktail reception...Here is a sampling of the open-ended feedback: “perfect start”; “he was excellent and very happy to see the high caliber of keynote speaker”; “fantastic, very informative”; “Excellent delivery taking complicated thoughts but delivering them in real life experiences.” I look forward to working together again next year."


"In my thirteen years as an event producer, I have never received such positive feedback from a keynote speaker before. I was stopped in the hallways and networking events numerous times by attendees who had glowing remarks about Dr. El Erian’s presentation. One attendee stated that ‘it is rare that a speaker not only presents well, but presents quality content.' I can say with 100% confidence that this was a wise investment in our business, as he helped to build our reputation as a program with great content."

- Information Management Network

ANN CURRYEmmy Award-Winning Journalist; Executive Producer & Reporter; PBS Series "We'll Meet Again"; National and International Correspondent for NBC News (2012-2015); Anchor, NBC News’ TODAY (1997-2012)
Emmy Award-winning journalist ANN CURRY delivered a compelling, crucial and passionate TedTalk on the state of journalism and how the credibility of the profession is at stake. Highlighting the weaponization of information that is being used to divide people worldwide, Curry shared how people are yearning for journalism they can trust and how the media can rise to meet this call, and made headlines for her insightful remarks. Curry's new PBS series We’ll Meet Again—which was just renewed for a second series and for which Curry serves as a reporter and co-executive producer— is an example of exactly the kind of journalism we need most, and reveals the human side of major world events such as the Vietnam War, 9/11, and Japanese internment during WWII. Curry brings the same passion, insight, and inspiration to each of her engagements, providing audiences with a thought-provoking and utterly captivating perspective on the world. In just the coming months she is set to address an audience of 1,800 at the Women's Foundation Annual Event and the prestigious Davos Global leadership Summit

"As evidenced by your standing ovations at the luncheon, you were fantastic! The event was a tremendous fundraising success."

-YMCA Hartford Region

"I will honestly tell you in my 15 years in the media I have brought in probably 30 different celebrities all of whom have been nice and cooperative but Ann Curry is by far the nicest, most sincere, delightful person that I have ever worked with."

- Women's Health & Lifestyles Fair

STEVE FORBES:Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media; New York Times Bestselling Author

Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, STEVE FORBES has become a fixture in the news thanks to his shrewd and useful insights on trade, tariffs and China. Highlighting the impact of an escalating trade war on businesses and consumers alike, Forbes breaks down other ways to approach relations with China, illuminating a path forward. Forbes also recently penned a widely-shared New York Times op-ed on the topic, calling for President Trump to end tariffs. A business icon and internationally respected authority on all issues of economics, finance and politics, Forbes brings the same substantive and engaging commentary to each of his engagements. He offers audiences thought-provoking insights and riveting anecdotes that make each of his engagements a smash hit. Recently named one of the top 10 most influential libertarians by Newsmax, Forbes has recently been sought-out for events as varied as Woodard's Scaling New Heights Conference and the Synergy Global Forum. He consistently garners tweets of praise from audience-members such as: "@SteveForbesCEOwas an honor to meet you today. Thank you for your time, knowledge and insights into the future" and "Turns out @SteveForbesCEO is an excellent storyteller.

"Steve Forbes was a great choice for our event, and attendees really enjoyed his presentation. While he was speaking, someone said to me, 'You know you’ve chosen the right speaker when people show up at 9 am with their spouses at Pebble Beach!' He was a pleasure to work with, and we really appreciated the time he took to interact with our guests prior to his presentation and immediately after... "

-Ultimate Software
"Steve Forbes was absolutely fantastic! His remarks on the interface of economics and politics were well received... We had a sell out for the event and that was due in large part to the popularity of Steve as our Annual Meeting speaker. I would highly recommend Steve to any group looking for a speaker that will be a draw and will give a most informative presentation."

- Louisiana Association of Business and Industry
STEVEN KOTLERNew York Times Bestselling Author of Stealing Fire, The Rise of Superman, Abundance & Bold; International Pioneer in Peak Performance & Innovation; Cofounder & Director of Research for Flow Genome Project
New York Times bestselling author and international pioneer in peak performance STEVEN KOTLER was recently sought-out to deliver a keynote on "The Science of Maximizing Human Potential" at Talks at Google. A deep dive into the science of peak performance, Kotler's talk reveals revolutionary insights into human brain and how this knowledge is revolutionizing our ability to tackle huge challenges, innovate like never before, and generate surprising shortcuts for enhancing creativity and performance. Full of practical tips on how to apply the latest research, Kotler takes audiences behind the pages of his latest bestseller Stealing Fire, elected as a Top Shelf Pick and Best Business Book of 2017, and leaves them with the tools they need to level-up their game. Kotler is also in-demand to deliver a keynote at the upcoming Nordic Business Forum on Climbing Mount Bold: How Organizations Can Level Up Their Game Like Never Before for 8,000 business executives, board members, and entrepreneurs, as well as at a major bank's Elite Performance Forum, on hacking flow, peak performance and service engagement. 

"Wanted to share some of the great feedback we received on Steven’s keynote at the Global CISO Executive Summit! 'Great delivery of Information'; 'Fantastic - inspiring'; 'Discussion flowed well after dinner'; 'AWESOME'; 'Changes the we view flow and how it can change the way we work. Great and powerful concept, interested in learning more.'"


"Steven Kotler presents a vision for the future that not only brings optimism, but inspires all who listen. His visit left our business school buzzing, and transformed student's visions for the roles business leaders can play in shaping the future."

-University of Iowa School of Business

KAREN MILLSAdministrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (2009-2013); Senior Fellow, Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School; Former Member of Obama Cabinet and National Economic Council
Former Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration KAREN MILLS was sought-out to speak at the MIT Technology Review's EmTech Next Conference, to shed light on crucial topics such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the future of work, disruption and more. A current Senior Fellow at the Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School, Mills is a leading voice on economic growth and innovation, regularly in-demand for her keen and actionable insights on fintech, supply chain disruption, and the future of the labor force. Her research on the topic recently made headlines in Inc. Magazine. On an EmTech Next panel entitled MIT Work of the Future: Perspectives from Business and Economics, she illuminated what we can learn from past examples of massive disruption in the workforce, which lessons apply today, and where we might be in uncharted territory. Mills is also set to publish a book on fintech with Palgrave/McMillan, and was recently  sought-out to deliver a keynote on the topic at the LendersOne conference.

"Karen was fantastic – both at the Women’s breakfast and in the keynote. Loved working with her."

-Lenders One Conference

"Working with Karen Mills was an absolute pleasure. Her speaking engagement was so well received and in turn we had many bankers request [a video of] her presentation. Karen definitely added to the success of our event and we were so glad she attended our dinner as well..."

- PayNet

In-demand by major outlets and event-planners alike thanks to their sharp commentary and eye-opening insights, these HWA Speakers are go-to voices on issues ranging from the economy to the future of tech. Let's connect and discuss bringing one of these headline making speakers to your next event.