CAPTAIN SULLY SULLENBERGER: "Miracle on the Hudson" Captain; New York Times #1 Bestselling Author; Inspiration for the Clint Eastwood/Tom Hanks film Sully  

With clear messages on leadership, preparedness, and decision-making in times of crisis, Capt. SULLY SULLENBERGER's  recent interview on The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg has received truly amazing feedback. Exceeding 100,000 downloads in one week and counting, audiences are craving lessons and examples of leadership and steadiness during these challenging times. Many, in fact, found the episode to be cathartic. One listener said it called to mind a time when “words mattered." Another said it's a reminder that America “can reflect the best of who we must be.” Captain Sullenberger is “a strong, compassionate voice in the dark, reminding us of what

it means to be human,” another said. People are craving examples of leadership, not just in public but amongst each other and Capt. Sullenberger brings that in spades to his in-person and virtual events. Whether he's speaking to C-suite executives or customer service representatives, Capt. Sullenberger is unique in that he's able to both inspire and energize while also bringing a calm and steadiness to a room.


“Within minutes after Captain Sullenberger concluded his presentation, we have been barraged by amazing positive feedback from our dignitaries, sponsors & chamber members all echoing that he's the best speaker they've ever had the pleasure of hearing.” (Danville Chamber of Commerce)


ROBIN ARZÓN: Peloton's VP of Fitness Programming and Head Instructor

Energizing and inspiring are two words that describe ROBIN ARZÓN's virtual sessions. Robin is exactly what every team needs to boost moralespark creativity, and bring people together in these digital and uncertain times.

Robin led the first “Live From Home” Peloton ride, which had over 23,000 members participate during its live streaming, and made headlines in The Wall Street Journal for her creative approach to instruction and exercise amid quarantine. A master of digital content, Robin's instagram is filled with creative gems, such as her weekly "Hustlers at Home" virtual conversation series, a demo on "How to Create an Effective Vision Board," and accessible at-home cooking tips.

“Robin was absolutely fantastic. She was so warm and easy to chat with and super inspiring. We had over 215 employees log in and they all found Robin’s energy infectious.” (SAP NS2)


J.R. MARTINEZ: Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, Advocate, Wounded U.S. Army Veteran and Actor

J.R. MARTINEZ travels the world spreading his message of resilience and optimism. While deployed to Iraq, J.R. hit a roadside bomb while driving and became trapped in his burning vehicle. He suffered smoke inhalation, severe burns, and had to undergo 34 different surgeries, including skin grafts and cosmetic surgery, in the years following his injury. During his recovery, after a brief visit with another burn patient, J.R. realized that he'd made a positive impact on this individual and decided to use his own experiences to help others. He continued to visit patients every day, sharing his story and listening to theirs. He learned that inspiration is often a two-way street. 

Martinez shared his remarkable life story in his New York Times bestselling book, Full of Heart, which details how he was able to take his personal tragedy and turn it into an inspiration for others, a message he also brings to worldwide organizations. 


“What an incredible man! Please tell him that he touched so many people at LearningTECH/Quest School's event. I have had texts, calls, and face-to-face testimonials about the power of J. R.'s message. Our entire Quest School family and guests truly benefited from his message and his sincere desire to communicate with people. He spent over three quality hours with our guests who were inspired and eager to let J.R. and your staff know that our wait was definitely worth it. Again thank you for your help. If you ever need a reference to promote J.R. as a person first and motivator second, please let us know.” (Learning Tech/Quest School)


GLENNON DOYLE: Bestselling Author, Activist, and Founder of Together Rising

Coronavirus has forced many of us to let go of a future we imagined and planned for. Bestselling author and activist GLENNON DOYLE is an expert of letting go of what might have been, embracing everyday moments, and finding new happiness. Glennon knows how to engage virtual audiences, and has been sought-out for the Makers at Home virtual series, Maria Shriver's #HomeTogether virtual series, and in TODAY, to reveal lessons from her most recent bestseller Untamed and how to persevere and remain grounded amid uncertainty. Glennon leaves audiences inspired and transformed with her insights on teamwork, getting real, and self love.

“I chose Glennon to keynote because she is different from all the other corporate speakers. From the moment she stepped on stage you could feel the energy in the audience. She caused people to think and look at the world a little differently, which is exactly what we were striving for. She did a fantastic job for u..” (Microsoft Corporation)


DESHAUNA BARBER: Miss USA (2016); Captain in the U.S. Army Reserve; President and CEO of the Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN)

The first Miss USA to be crowned while currently serving in the United States military, DESHAUNA BARBER has made it her life goal to encourage, inspire and strengthen the people around her. A survivor of child sexual abuse who also overcame extreme bullying from a young age and the loss of her mother to cancer, Deshauna inspires other survivors to fight through the fears of their past and encourages people to focus on loving themselves and the people around them. From speaking at Google to delivering a commencement address that went viral, Deshauna inspires everywhere she speaks, offering lessons on diversity and inclusion, women's and youth empowerment, breaking the stigma of mental illness, overcoming adversity, and more.

“Thank you so much for your contributions to this year’s BRAVE Summit! We just wanted to express how meaningful your participation was, and in just hearing some feedback from attendees, we know how much they enjoyed hearing you speak as well. The energy you brought to the Black Girl Joy panel really created great chemistry that cannot be duplicated. You taught everyone that sometimes someone has to break down the door so that others have the opportunity to have a seat at the table. Thank you for empowering all attendees!” (Georgetown University BRAVE Summit)


CAPTAIN RICHARD PHILLIPS: Hero of the High Seas & Real Life Inspiration for the Movie Captain Phillips; Captain of the Maersk Alabama, Hijacked by Somali Pirates

An amazing leader...a highly intriguing story...a presentation of remarkable impact for your audience. CAPTAIN RICHARD PHILLIPS not only shares his compelling story - presented in his warm, highly personal style, but as a "floating CEO" in charge of the day-to-day operations of a multi-million dollar ship and the crew he managed, he also draws lessons from those dramatic events that can help your audience and your organization survive and thrive, even in these times when hope and support seem to be in very short supply. He will discuss the vital importance of leadership and teamwork, combined with a belief in the power and potential of yourself and your team, as seen through the eyes of an unassuming hero who conquered an extraordinary challenge.

“Captain Richard Phillips was fantastic and gave a top-notch presentation. His story showing great courage and endurance was remarkable. People really resonated with what he said, and in these difficult economic times, we think the audience wanted to hear a good outcome, for a change, that showed leadership and heroism at its best.” (Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry)


CHESLIE KRYST: Miss USA 2019; Civil Litigation Attorney; Entertainment News Correspondent

Before becoming Miss USA, CHESLIE KRYST worked full-time as a civil litigation attorney and counsel, pro bono, for clients serving excessive time for low-level drug offenses. During her year as Miss USA, she’s leaned on her experience as a correspondent for Extra! speaking passionately about the issues of the time, from civil unrest to racial justice to coronavirus and the election, reminding us that Miss USA’s “role in society is to represent where we are and to continue pushing forward so that we have progress.” On Extra! Cheslie regularly interviews some of entertainment's biggest names, such as Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Henry Golding, and Lizzo to name a few, and

brings that same spirit and energy to events whether she’s moderating, hosting, or emceeing a meeting in-person or virtually. Few people can hold an audience with the grace, energy, and substance that Cheslie can. She is an inspiring and versatile speaker at in-person and virtual events.


“Cheslie is a powerful, articulate, impassioned spokesperson for our global mission. Her ability to connect to her audience is second to none. Her genuine warmth and humanity, combined with a formidable intelligence and command of her subject leaves a lasting impression and impact.” (Dress for Success Worldwide)


NATE BOYER: Former Active-Duty Green Beret and NFL Player for Seattle Seahawks; World Traveler and Philanthropist; Host of Indivisible on NFL Network

NATE BOYER, Army Green Beret and former NFL player, is sought after by national organizations to engage audiences with a 25 minute virtual bootcamp (don't worry- nothing too strenuous!) to get everyone up and moving, followed by group conversation focused around Nate's philosophy of living with purpose and the belief that anything is possible. The virtual interactive workout serves as a playful warm-up to Boyer's always inspiring and often vulnerable conversations, as we see him navigate masterfully on his NFL social issues show Indivisible.  During quarantine, Nate has been helping audiences fight the emotional distancing that comes with physical distancing, connecting body,

mind and soul, a formula that works for his initiative Merging Vets and Players (MVP), helping those warriors share each other's strength and experience.  Nate's workouts + conversation is a high-energy, high-impact, interactive program, earning praise from groups like Microsoft, YPO, General Mills and USAA.