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Watch the inspirational speech Shaq presented to 2,000 attendees at an event for CareerBuilder: Prepare for Greatness.

"Shaq was a fun, energetic and motivating speaker that exceeded our expectations. He did an exceptional job at engaging our audience and delivering a message that applied to our business."

- CareerBuilder​

Shaq electrifies the room with his larger-than-life personality and earns standing ovations for his motivational keynote speeches.  When Shaq is at your event, every seat is filled and your event gets a lot of buzz. 


"I knew he was a beautiful writer; I didn't know what a splendid, eloquent speaker he was. Our audience was thrilled and enlightened. 

- Virginia Magazine of History and Biography

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Chernow's 800-page biography Alexander Hamilton inspired Broadway's smash hit musical, Hamilton. Mr. Chernow also served as a consultant to the show for historical accuracy.   

Last week when Mr. Chernow visited the White House with the entire "Hamilton" cast, who performed fifteen numbers, President Obama's introduction referred to "Ron Chernow's extraordinary biography of Alexander Hamilton" and noted that "a great historian is here in the front row." Watch more...

The Alexander Hamilton craze shows no signs of slowing down. Ron Chernow's biography has now been on the bestseller list for 22 weeks - that's ten weeks longer than when it first came out in 2004.


"A provocative, independent journalist capable of challenging people’s assumptions and empowering audiences."

- MSNBC President Phil Griffin

NBC Investigative Reporter and Award-Winning Voice for the Millennial Generation, Ronan Farrow's speeches have been selected among NPR’s “Greatest Commencement Speeches Ever” and Huffington Post’s Top 10 Speeches of the Year.  Watch Ronan Farrow's captivating commencement speech...

Check out Ronan Farrow's latest eye-opening report for NBC's Today show.


Acclaimed comedienne and Co-Host of ABC's The View, observational humorist Joy Behar layers her comedy with her motivational story of persistent hard work and the value of being open to opportunity. Joy is a pro at reading and connecting with the audience, and making them laugh. She is a fantastic celebrity choice for a motivational keynote speech, a hilarious Q&A, or emcee role for a fundraiser.

Check out this recent LinkedIn article, Finding the JOY with Joy Behar.

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