With Spotify's acquisition of Gimlet Media and a third of Americans tuning in monthly, experts have called this the year of the podcast.

I wanted to share with you some of HWA's top speakers who have podcasts of their own. Listen, and you can hear just what makes them such fantastic keynote speakers.


MARIA SHRIVER: Peabody & Emmy Award-winning Journalist & Producer; NBC News Special Anchor; Seven-time New York Times Bestselling Author

"She resonated with the audience so much and was very well received."

-Professional Business Women of California

Peabody and Emmy Award-winning journalist and producer MARIA SHRIVER's podcast: “Meaningful Conversations with Maria Shriver,” builds on the success of her instant #1 New York Times-bestselling book I’ve Been Thinking…Reflections, Prayers and Meditations for a Meaningful Life. In the podcast, Shriver continues to explore the life topics, issues and ideas that we’re all thinking about, but not discussing nearly enough. A force of nature of the highest order, Shriver is a passionate and purpose-driven leader whose work has fostered change and advanced some of our nation’s most pressing issues. She is a trailblazer who eloquently moves audiences to become "Architects of Change," leaving them empowered and inspired.


ROBIN SHARMA: Globally Respected Leadership Expert; Celebrated Author of 15 #1 Bestsellers

"Your presentation was simply amazing and it left us speechless. Than you for making a difference to our organization."


Listened to by millions of people in 67+ nations worldwide, ROBIN SHARMA's Mastery Sessions podcast shares profound insights and powerful daily tools so you can work at world-class levels and craft a personal life that inspires pride. A legendary leadership and elite performance expert ranked one of the Top 5 Leadership Gurus in the world, Sharma provides organizations with energizing takeaways that allow them to build leaders on every level, empower employees regardless of their title, and generate exponential productivity as a result. With over 15 million books sold in 96+ nations, 593K Twitter followers, and 857K Instagram followers, Sharma is a true influencer with a message that resonates globally.


CHARLES DUHIGG: New York Times Bestselling Author of "The Power of Habit" and "Smarter Faster Better"; Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist for The New York Times Magazine

"Charles was amazing. He resonated with the audience, and lifted up the event. What a great thinker and speaker! I would highly recommend him."


CHARLES DUHIGG's podcast in conjunction with Slate Magazine How To! takes on listeners’ toughest problems-- everything from how to fire a bad employee to how to withstand pain-- and,with the help of experts, finds the answers to their questions. It's as if Dear Abbey were an investigative reporter, and revealed how to master personal and professional success in the process. Duhigg's speeches, like his work, are chock-full of fascinating science and eye-opening stories that shed light on the human condition and explore how to trigger creative breakthroughs, record productivity, and success in life and business. Duhigg can translate his work and research into a phenomenal program for any event to help audiences apply the “How To” mentality, to overcome or solve any issue your organization may be addressing. 


STEVE FORBES: Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media

"Steve Forbes was absolutely fantastic!... I would highly recommend Steve to any group looking for a speaker that will be a draw and will give a most informative presentation."

- Louisiana Association of Business and Industry

Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media STEVE FORBES has added his own podcast to his impressive media portfolio. Entitled "What's Ahead," Forbes' podcast features his signature views on the intersection of society, economics and policy, all informed by his unique perspective as an avid student of history who twice ran for president and now helms one of the world’s most instantly recognizable media brands. Heralded by audience worldwide for his candid insights, substantive analysis, and ability to connect with any audience, Forbes sheds light on the future of business and politics in honest conversations that challenge traditional ways of thinking.


STEPHEN DUBNER: Bestselling Author, Freakonomics Series

"Stephen was amazing. He possess this great quality of delivering complex concepts with humor and relevancy."


Bestselling author of the Freakonomics series STEPHEN DUBNER is the host of a hit podcast: Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (TMSIDK)Part fast-paced game show, part razor-sharp talk show, The Guardian hailed TMSIDK as the “essential new inside-out gameshow” that “will make you smarter and make you laugh.” A pro host possessing equal parts smarts, humor, and wit, Stephen Dubner’s seamless ability to intertwine both factual journalism and entertaining repartee shines in every episode. He brings the same energy, passion, and skill, to each of his engagements, shining illuminating light on how to "think like a freak" and translate his research and experience into actionable business lessons that make your organizer smarter.


BILL FRIST: U.S. Senate Majority Leader (2003-2007); U.S. Senator from Tennessee (1995-2007); Heart-Lung Transplant Surgeon, Physician & Authority on Healthcare Policy

"Senator Frist was the 'Wow' factor for our event. He spoke so knowledgeably about the current healthcare landscape in the U.S. and was even-handed in his critique... Our clients were amazed at his grasp of the issues and his ability to educate us all... The feedback from our clients, who represent the full political spectrum, was phenomenal.” 

- Marsh

BILL FRIST's A Second Opinion is a podcast with a mission; it aims to substantially improve health and healthcare in communities across America through education and engagement at the nexus of policy, medicine and innovation. Set to become the go-to place for experts to improve our health system, in the podcast Frist addresses today's challenging healthcare issues from three distinct vantage points-- policy, medicine, and innovation-- speaking to clinicians as a physician, policymakers as a former Senator, and executives and investors as a business founder, investor and board member. Frist's keynotes showcase the same compelling combination of varied experience and perspective, weaving technology, leadership, policy, innovation and medicine into the crucial conversation surrounding healthcare.


JOE LOCKHART: Communications Executive for the National Football League (NFL) & Facebook; Political Strategist and Former White House Press Secretary for President Bill Clinton

"Wonderfully personable, funny and informative and did a great Q and A session. WE LOVED HIM. "

- Bass Hotels and Resorts

A renowned communications expert who's leadership has shaped elite organizations from the NFL to Facebook to the White House, JOE LOCKHART offers eye-opening insights on today's media and political climate, and actionable lessons on crisis management and building an effective communications strategy. In his podcast, Words Matter, Lockhart provides refreshing analysis of the week's news and gets at the real truth behind all the distracting headlines. Lockhart believe that facts, evidence, truth and objective reality are necessary and vital in public discourse. Drawing on his experience as both a Washington insider and private sector executive, Lockhart dives into current events, and decodes what they mean for our future.