Al Gore: Business Opportunities in New Tech

Consistently an active leader in technology, Al Gore is uniquely in touch with digital concepts, identifying key opportunities and challenges in charting a new digital society. Vice President Gore’s status as a leader in global politics, technology and business influences his positions as member of the Board of Directors of Apple and a Senior Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Silicon Valley’s preeminent venture firm. In addition, he is Chairman of Generation Investment Management, an asset-management company incorporating sustainability values into the financial-services world. He has also served as a Senior Advisor to Google.

In Asia, Europe and the U.S., Vice President Gore has been speaking to audiences about leadership, reinvention, the challenges facing global business, the democratization of technology, and the centrality of science in issues facing our nation and the world today.

Most recently, Vice President Gore spoke to an audience of 1,500 senior and CxO level executives from around the globe on technology and innovation at Infosys Confluence 2016.

Last month in Sweden at the From Business to Buttons conference, Vice President Gore captivated 600 designers of sites, apps, and products to great acclaim: "I was blown off my chair! His power, knowledge and passion is just amazing!"

In mid-April, Vice President Gore presented "Leadership in a Changing World" to executives and managers for  online strategy gaming company Wargaming's top 50 global leaders. 

Incredible Feedback for Vice President Gore

"Al Gore was a big hit. His comments were relevant to our audience and I appreciate the effort he put into making them specific to our conference. I received many positive comments about his remarks throughout the remainder of the conference."

-Vertical Web Media

"Our event totally exceeded everyone's expectations, even our own! Our firm has never executed an event of this size and stature and we blew away our audience, as well as our management team! I would like to thank everyone at HWA for helping us pull off the most exciting event in our corporate history. The only question is what do we do next??! "

-VenGrowth Asset Management

Drury Design Dynamics had the pleasure (and privilege) of working with Vice President Gore at a high profile technology conference in Las Vegas. Aside from the VP's great customization directed specifically to this tech audience, he was great to work with, both on-stage and off. The VP really listened to our suggestions and incorporated them into his presentation. Vice President Gore really hit it out of the park!

-Drury Design Dynamics

"People thoroughly enjoyed the conference and found Al Gore to be intellectually impressive, extremely knowledgeable and highly entertaining. The most commonly used description of his speech was 'inspirational.' "



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