Al Gore's Vision for the Future

A global leader in sustainability, technology and business, Vice President Gore's big-picture thinking challenges and motivates audiences to realize the future they want by adapting long-term strategies. Here are three areas of expertise for Vice President Gore that will have vital implications in the years to come.

Technology & Democracy

The connection of the internet with billions of devices and intelligent systems connecting to one another around the world is creating a completely new technological reality for us. Vice President Gore discusses how technology can be used as a tool to solve some the world’s most pressing challenges and help us address the gaps in democracy.

"The visit of Vice President Gore was a roaring success. His Forum speech and dinner address were superb and riveting. The man is truly inspiring and a breath of fresh air, the world cannot be reminded of this fact often enough. Thank you for your hard work and effort in making the event such a great success."

-The Ganley Group of Companies

Sustainability and Capital Markets

Vice President Gore emphasizes sustainability and long-termism in our view of capitalism and free markets. Through his work with Generation Investment Management, Gore is challenging the idea that capital gains are made through near-term opportunities and asking audiences to consider that financial interests are best served by acknowledging and considering the negative externalities that exist in our world. By carefully considering these social and environmental ramifications, shareholder value is increased over the long-term.

"VP Gore’s appearance was excellent, his speech was very innovative and the way of giving this lecture, motivating and extraordinary. Our clients were very satisfied from the event and VP Gore’s point of view and inputs were very informative and gave a new dimension to our investors, for a sustainable future."

-Marfin Egnatia Bank

Global Climate Crisis

A champion of the Paris Agreements, Vice President Gore confronts the greatest challenge of our time — the global climate crisis — through a visually stunning multimedia presentation that both educates and inspires audiences. Utilizing the latest data, Gore — who introduced the world to the man-made forces threatening to destroy our planet — discusses the solutions available to us and makes the case for optimism on climate change.

"The event went brilliantly. VP Gore was a really wonderful highlight for our event. The water industry is one that has great challenges it is confronting on behalf of the rest of the world...I think Mr Gore gave them an evening that challenged them, but also made them feel better about themselves. For that I would be very grateful if you could pass on our thanks on to him. "

-Global Water Intelligence