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Global Issues, Global Voices

Global Leaders Tackling the Most Pressing Issues of the Day

"Intellectually impressive, extremely knowledgeable, highly entertaining and inspirational." (Merrion-Capital)

The Case for Optimism on Climate Change

A political, business, and environmental visionary recognized as one of the world's leading activists Vice President Al Gore puts environmental issues in perspective. In his new, compelling TED Talk he explores concrete solutions to the man-made forces threatening our planet.

What Asia's Economy Means for the Rest of the World

The first woman to serve as Australia's Prime Minister, Julia Gillard offers fresh insights on geopolitics and the global economy, particularly the volatile Asian markets. Watch her thought provoking presentation.

"Prime Minister Gillard was like a star that evening. She was very confident, steady and provided excellent, and frank answers." (International Institute for Strategic Studies)

"Mr. Barak was completely on the mark with a substantive and timely talk.  He is a lucid, graceful speaker with an engaging sense of humor." (World Affairs Council of Western Michigan)

Russia, Syria, and a Nuclear Iran

With Middle East alliances under pressure and new trade deals with nuclear Iran, the world nervously watches new developments in the Middle East. Few individuals have the breadth of political, economic and military leadership experience as former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, enabling him to speak with authority on these critical issues. Check out this compelling, new conversation at the Harvard Kennedy School focusing on worldwide security issues.

European Refugee Crisis and the Strain on Welcoming Nations

Named as one of Foreign Policy magazine’s “Top 100 Global Thinkers," Former Prime Minister of Greece George Papendreou speaks with authority on the future of the European Union with regard to the refugee crisis, economic stability, global security and shifts in geopolitical alliances.  His recent article for The Huffington Post explores his life as a refugee in Sweden, and his thought-provoking insights position him as a leading voice on Europe’s current and future challenges.


"His personal story and views towards the integration of the European Union are very inspiring.” (Robeco Investment Management, Inc.)

“Informative, Provocative, and Stimulating” (Boston Council of Foreign Relations)

What are the Implications of BREXIT for Future of Global Companies?

Former Cabinet Minister and Chief Economic Adviser to the UK Treasury Ed Balls has over twenty years of experience at the nexus of international finance, economic policy-making, business and politics. His recent Wall Street Journal article addresses how BREXIT's outcome will impact the future of global companies.

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