LARRY SUMMERSDirector, White House National Economic Council (2009-2010); President, Harvard University (2001-2006); Secretary of the Treasury (1999-2001)

"Larry was insightful, brilliant, provocative and very engaging."

- Commonfund

"He was on-time, cordial and engaging."


"It was a huge pleasure to host an event with Mr. Summers... Summers spoke in front of more than 200 guests... and all attendees were impressed with his presentation. Nothing but great feedback regarding his appearance."

-BTG Pactual
A renowned global economist and regular columnist for the Financial TimesLarry Summers brings an insider's look to the issues that drive markets and global policy. His new keynote, "The Global Economic Outlook: Beyond the Headlines," unpacks today's top issues and key global economic trends, decoding what they will mean for investors and corporate strategies moving forward. Shedding light on the major forces shaping the economy that go far beyond the breaking news cycle, Summers provides an illuminating near and midterm outlook for businesses across industries.  
Sought-out to address an audience of CEOs, portfolio managers, and heads of trading and sales at the upcoming Global Markets Conference in London. 

Invited to share a macro overview of U.S. and global economies, the impact of Brexit and the outlook for the current administration's policies for an audience of 1,600 C-suite executives at the Global Financial Markets Forum.

Recently hosted a fascinating discussion on "Pursing Truth in the Global Economy," with Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics. 

After delivering a keynote on "secular stagnation" to the Economic Club of New York, Summers made headlines in Bloomberg for his analysis on U.S. economic growth. He was also recently sought-out for an interview with Yahoo Finance following the Milken Institute Global Conference. 
MOHAMED EL-ERIANChief Economic Advisor, Allianz; Chair of President Obama's Global Development Council (2012-2017); CEO, PIMCO (2007-2014)

"In my 13 years as an event producer, I have never received such positive feedback from a keynote speaker. I was stopped in the hallways and networking events numerous times by attendees who had glowing remarks about Dr. El Erian’s presentation. One attendee stated that ‘it is rare that a speaker not only presents well, but presents quality content.' I can say with 100% confidence that this was a wise investment in our business..."

- Information Management Network

"Mohamed did an excellent job. He tailored his remarks to our audience really well. He was also very gracious when interacting with our guests and senior management at the cocktail reception...Here is a sampling of the open-ended feedback: 'perfect start'; 'fantastic, very informative'; 'Excellent delivery taking complicated thoughts but delivering them in real life experiences.'"


An internationally respected economist and financier Mohamed El-Erian has experience at the highest level of business and government. A go-to voice on how to decode international markets and the global economy, El-Erian dives into how global trends from technological developments to climate change could impact market stability. His BloombergView column regularly making headlines thanks to El-Erian's spot-on and substantive analysis.
Having made headlines for his analysis and keynote at the 2017 Barclays Asia Forum, El-Erian has already been sought-out for the 2018 Barclays Asia Forum in Singapore. 

Recently delivered a keynote at the GCC Financial Forum, addressing 700 C-suite issuers, investors, governments and policy makers. His keynote generated tweets of praise such as: “Amazing speech and straight forward insights and directions policy makers should really pay attention to. #emGCC is rocking already” and “great opening keynote speech by @elerianm highlighting key opportunities for global growth”.

Just sought-out for an interview on CNBC's Squawk Box, in which El-Erian delivered substantive analysis on the impact of Italy's political upheaval on the Eurozone. 
PENNY PRITZKER: U.S. Secretary of Commerce (2013-2017); Founder and Chairman, PSP Capital Partners and Pritzker Realty Group; Co-Chair, Cyber Readiness Institute

"Sec. Pritzker was a hit... members were very impressed with her experience and knowledge. We would be delighted to work with her again in the future."

- Premier business development service 

An entrepreneur and civic leader with unparalleled experience in the private and public sector, Penny Pritzker is at the forefront of the conversation on how tech is fundamentally changing the global economy.  Currently serving on the boards of Microsoft and Measure, the world's leading drone service company, Pritzker knows the landscape of technological disruption from the inside out, offering tangible, actionable lessons for businesses across industries. 
Sought-out to speak at Boston College's Clough Colloquium, addressing an audience of 600 students, alumni and faculty. 

As the co-chair of CFR's independent task force on the future of work, Pritzker just oversaw a groundbreaking report “The Work Ahead: Machines, Skills, and U.S. Leadership in the 21st Century.” Diving into the impacts of phenomenon like automation, artificial intelligence, and globalization, the report focuses on how to rebuild the links among work, opportunity, and economic security in the face of accelerating change. Pritzker has been in-demand to decode the implications of the task force’s findings, making headlines for informative interviews in both  Wired and Marketplace on "How to Make Technology Work For You, Not Against You." 
JACK LEW: Secretary of the Treasury (2013-2016); White House Chief of Staff (2012-2013), Director Office Management & Budget (2010-2012); Citigroup Senior Executive & COO New York University
"Secretary Lew’s participation received a lot of positive comments onsite and his session was well-received. [He] had a great Q&A session and once we opened it up for Q&A with the audience there was a lot of participation and engagement."

-European Pensions & Investments Summit

"It was a huge success! We received such great feedback on his remarks, interview and the panel! One of the best we’ve had. He is just the nicest man!"

- Pershing LLC

Having served as the most senior economic official in the U.S. government, Jack Lew helped shape policies that drove the longest economic recovery in American history and oversaw all aspects of international and domestic fiscal policy. As a speaker, he brings the freshest insights and an insider's knowledge of the individual people and policies affecting the direction of the global economy.
Sought-out to address an audience of C-suite executives at the upcoming OCBC Global Treasury Economic & Business Forum, delivering insights on shifting global dynamics. 
Recently delivered a keynote at the 2018 Seoul Global Financial Conference focusing on "World Economy in Chaos: The Rise of Nationalism,"as well as participated in a dialogue session at the Asian Financial Forum: Steering Growth and Pioneering Innovation in Hong Kong. 

Frequently in-demand to deliver insights into the global economy, Lew was interviewed about escalating trade conflicts with China by CNBC.
STEVE FORBESChairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media; New York Times Bestselling Author

"Steve Forbes was absolutely fantastic! His remarks on the interface of economics and politics were well received by the leaders of state government and the state’s business community who were present. We had a sell out for the event and that was due in large part to the popularity of Steve as our Annual Meeting speaker. I would highly recommend Steve to any group looking for a speaker that will be a draw and will give a most informative presentation."

- Louisiana Association of Business and Industry

"I want to thank you for your participation in the inaugural Wealth Management conference. It is because of the participation of you that this event was such a success. As you know these types of events are only as good as the speakers and we chose you for your knowledge and expertise and we were rewarded with an overwhelmingly positive response from participants on your contribution to the conference."

-Capital G Limited

A business icon and internationally respected authority on economics, finance, and politics, Steve Forbes offers audiences thought-provoking insights and riveting anecdotes that make each of his engagements a smash hit. Recently named one of the top 10 most influential libertarians by Newsmax, Forbes is a fixture on major news outlets for his candid analysis on tax, trade, and international markets.
An incredibly in-demand speaker thanks to his engaging, interactive style and willingness to dive into the issues, Forbes is set to address tens of thousands of audience-members at numerous upcoming events, including WRCOG's General Assembly, the Pendulum Summit, the Stansberry Conference, and more. 

Recently delivered a keynote for hundreds of finance industry professionals at the Windy City Summit, as well as an audience of 800 at the 48th Annual St. Gallen Symposium, shedding light on the trajectory of the global economy and impact of technological advancements. 

Recently shared an op-ed on trade deals and negotiations with China, and also appeared on Fox Business to discuss the new administration's tax cuts. 
KEVIN WARSHMember of the Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System (2006-2011); Executive Secretary of the National Economic Council (2002-2006); Member, Group of Thirty (G30)

"Kevin Warsh hit a grand slam with our clients last night. He is a terrific speaker."

- Strategas Research Partners

"Kevin Warsh was outstanding! He delivered interesting and insightful comments with energy and enthusiasm. A great event for us! "

- Center for Business and Public Policy at the University of Illinois
A monetary policy expert and economist who served the U.S. in the Federal Reserve and the White House, Kevin Warsh's and insights are sought by Central Banks around the world. After Warsh was hired by the Bank of England, where he issued an independent report proposing reforms in the conduct of monetary policy in the UK, parliament adopted the report’s recommendations. He brings the same transformative and actionable insights to each of his engagements.
Selected to address an audience of over 1,000 CEOs and CFOs at the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation's upcoming Forum, revealing strategies for economic growth.

Just delivered a keynote at the American Hotel and Lodging Association's Forum, providing a macro view of the global economic outlook. 

Recently sought-out for an episode of the Politico Money Podcast, Warsh opened up about what it was like to interview for Fed Chair. 

Warsh made headlines for his forward-thinking analysis on how Central Banks should be getting involved in cryptocurrencies. 
OLIVIER BLANCHARD:Former Chief Economist, International Monetary Fund; Fred Bergsten Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics 
"Olivier Blanchard’s tenure at the IMF capped a lifelong effort to restore economics as a disciplined way of thinking about the world that is truthful, intuitive and useful."

- Marvin Joseph / The Washington Post

"[Blanchard] steered the IMF’s research through the global financial crisis and into the recovery, and gained a reputation for challenging the fund’s longstanding internal views as events appeared to disprove many traditional economic orthodoxies."

- Chris Giles / The Financial Times

One of the most cited economists in the world according to IDEAS/RePEc, Olivier Blanchard is a renowned macroeconomists and a leading voice on monetary policy, the nature of speculative bubbles, the nature of the labor market, and the forces behind the recent global financial crisis. Having worked with countries and international organizations worldwide, Blanchard offers unparalleled insights into the forces driving the global economy. 
Just delivered a keynote for 1,000 asset managers and investors at the Context Summit in Las Vegas, where he was also sought-out for a follow-up interview on the economic ramifications of the most recent geopolitical developments. 

Recently sought-out to deliver a keynote on the state of advanced economies at the London School of Economics.

Made headlines for his analysis on the political situation in Italy and its impact on the Euro following an insightful interview on CNBC

Made headlines for the conference he coordinated—and headlined—on “Rethinking Macroeconomic Policy,” where he delivered an in-depth and informative keynote based on his just-published, much-cited white paper, “Rethinking Stabilization Policy. Back to the Future.” 
ALAN KRUEGER: Chairman, White House Council of Economic Advisers (2011-2013); Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy (2009-2010); Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Princeton University; 50 Highest Ranked Economists in the World by IDEAS/RePEc
The event was great – the team really enjoyed the time spent with Alan and had extremely positive feedback. They believed he uncovered a hard to see insight and they thought it was a very productive use of time. Thanks to you and your team for all the help coordinating!

- AT&T
Among the 50 highest-ranked economists in the world according to Research Papers in Economics, Alan Krueger joined the Obama administration amid the deepening recession and helped steer the country back toward growth. The former chief economist of both the Department of the Treasury and Department of Labor, he is not only one of the foremost experts on labor and unemployment, but he also one of the people best poised to address the current economic landscape. 
Sought-out to deliver the closing keynote at Horizons: A Vision for Economic Advancement and deliver insights on the future of work and the skills needed for the global economy of tomorrow. 

Recently delivered the Commencement Address at Hofstra University, addressing an audience of 5,000 and offering insights on the future of the economy.  

Regularly in-demand by major networks, Krueger was recently interviewed on Bloomberg to decode the latest U.S. jobs report.

Krueger has led studies for elite companies such as Uber, to gain a better understanding of employee wages in the digital economy. 
From international trade to monetary policy, these HWA speakers unpack the most pressing issues shaping the global economy. Renowned experts with experience at the highest levels of the private and public sector, they offer illuminating and actionable analysis to help organizations across industries navigate an uncertain future.