Future of Work: Leading CEOs and Thought Leaders Prepare Us for What’s Next


INDRA NOOYI: Former Chairman + CEO of PepsiCo; Member Board of Directors, Amazon and Philips; New York Times Bestselling Author, My Life in Full: Work, Family, and Our Future

In dynamic and compelling conversations, INDRA NOOYI draws on her experience leading PepsiCo through a decade of tremendous change, offering audiences first-hand, empowering guidance on how to successfully lead in rapidly-evolving times. She provides actionable takeaways on how to foster large-scale cultural change, create buy-in among employees, handle the naysayers, and positively challenge the status-quo.

Nooyi was recently featured in the The Wall Street Journal regarding flexible work arrangements, Fortune interviewed her about the power of women in business, she sat down with Marketplace to talk about balancing work and family, appeared on Channel 4 News to discuss the future of work as it relates to remote and on site work, and more.

"Indra was fabulous - the rave reviews and incredibly positive feedback continue to roll in from our guests. Everyone loved her!"

-Siguler Guff & Co.


JOANNE LIPMAN: CNBC Contributor; Peretsman Scully Distinguished Journalism Fellow, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, N.J.; No. 1 Bestselling Author; Former Editor-In-Chief of USA Today and USA Today Network; First Female Deputy Managing Editor at the Wall Street Journal

With the workplace shifting daily, JOANNE LIPMAN is in demand to address audiences about the future of work and where we go from here. Lipman shares research and data explaining why “work is not working,” and what needs to change. She engages audiences on the challenges that come along with managing a remote workforce and what leaders will need to be mindful of in this new world of work. Listen to her speak about "The Great Resignation" >>

With reinvention of the workplace in mind, Joanne wrote the cover story for TIME Magazine’s June 2021 edition, “The Pandemic Revealed How Much We Hate Our Jobs. Now We Have a Chance to Reinvent Work.” She also wrote an earlier TIME article on reinvention, was interviewed for Forbes on the future of work, invited for an interview on CNBC Squawk Box discussing reinvention and growth, and discussed the post-pandemic future of work with Fareed Zakaria on CNN

"It's great we are talking the talk, but Joanne Lipman's cutting edge research and razor sharp advice will help men and women alike start walking the walk toward a more equitable workplace."

-Katie Couric


CHARLES DUHIGG: New York Times Bestselling Author of The Power of Habit and Smarter Faster Better; Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist for The New York Times Magazine; Host of the How To! Podcast

CHARLES DUHIGG’s The Power of Habit spent three years on the New York Times Bestseller list. His latest bestselling book, Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business is a fascinating exploration of the science of productivity and why managing how you think—rather than what you think—can transform your life. As Duhigg highlights in his compelling presentations, one of the things we know about the science of habit formation is that habits become more flexible during moments of great upheaval. As we create the future of work together, it is the perfect time for new habits. Duhigg details how habit formation works, provides fascinating examples of research and case studies in which habits were used to successful and dramatic results, and provides a roadmap on how to use the upheaval we’re all living through to create great new habits of our own.

"Charles was very easy to work with, and his presentation was highly insightful and entertaining, and an excellent lead-off to our discussion of disruptive influences impacting our industry and markets in the future."

-Analytical, Life Science & Diagnostics Association


APRIL RINNE: Global Authority on the New Economy, Future of Work and Navigating Constant Change; Head of the Sharing Economy Working Group, World Economic Forum; Advisor for Airbnb, Jobbatical and Trov; Contributor, Quartz at Work

APRIL RINNE helps individuals and organizations navigate a world in flux and discusses how we move forward into the future of work. A "flux mindset" is a term she coined to describe how to thrive in a world of constant change. In her talks and new book Flux: 8 Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Change, she guides audiences on a journey through what a flux mindset is, why it matters, and how to develop one to thrive after uncertainty. Just yesterday Rinne joined the CNBC at Work Summit for two sessions, on Leadership in Action: Knowing How to Plan for an Unknown Future, and on Beyond Flexibility: What Workers Want, which also touched on career development in an uncertain world and a portfolio career approach.

She's written frequently about the future of work, with recent bylines in Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Inc.Thrive GlobalCXO MagazineLeadership ExcellencePorchlight Books, and more.

"How do we make sense of a world of intense and accelerating change? April Rinne is a brilliant thought leader operating at the nexus of technological change, new economy, and social impact. She is able to unpack the confusing signals and share perceptive insights that allow us to make practical strategy."

-Social Innovation Generation



JAMMETNEMAN and RU have been making headlines for Sweetgreen's forward-looking and purpose-driven business practices. In their talks, they provide practical insight into how businesses can be creative, resilient, and successfully incorporate new technology as we enter the future of the workplace. Sought-out for NPR's popular "How I Built This" podcast, the three discussed how they launched Sweetgreen with a sole location and successfully scaled it to over 100 locations nationwide, making it easy to see why these three have been named to Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business,” Inc’s “30 Under 30,” Forbes’ “30 Under 30” and more. The Sweetgreen CEOs are a blueprint for the future of the workplace, and speak to companies about how to implement these same strategies as the workplace continues to change.