Peter Fuda: Bestselling Author and Global Authority on Leadership and Transformation

In an environment where 70% of all change efforts fail, Peter Fuda has a better than 90% success rate


Peter Fuda will be in the United States from October through January, offering significantly reduced travel expenses

In addition to being the bestselling author of Leadership Transformed (featured in Harvard Business Review), he is one of the most impactful speakers I’ve worked with.  There are thousands of books on “Leadership” but Peter is different.   Through real life experience and over 500 case studies he has cracked the code on how an good manager can become an extraordinary leader with real results.  He has identified and shares with his audiences the 7 consistent themes common to all success stories  - The Seven Accelerants of Leadership Transformation.

His clients include global multinationals like MasterCard, Kraft, Philips, Peabody, Bayer, Xstrata, CSC, Luxottica, Dun & Bradstreet and Mars.

He doesn’t rely on buzz words such as 'change,' 'disruption' and 'innovation' --- he seeks cultural and meaningful transformation by focusing on goals, alignment, and ambition.  The extraordinary depth of both his theoretical and hands-on experience makes him the perfect speaker on leadership and transformation. 



What Meeting Planners are saying about Peter Fuda :

"What can I say….WOW! What a truly terrific, inspiring and informative session you gave – my congratulations. The room was just buzzing after you finished and so many of our members told me how much they had enjoyed your session (myself included) – and the insights you provided. It was a really thoughtful, informative and very relevant session to HR leaders and their teams, few of whom would be immune to the challenges you described. In my opinion it was one of the best events we’ve ever had."

-Amanda McKernan, Director, International HR Director Forum, CEO Forum Group

"Peter aligns people to strategy at the molecular level. He is an inspiration."

-Russell Owen, Global President Managed Services, CSC

“It is very rare that a speaker is able to captivate an entire audience instantly, but Peter does it every time.”

John Karagounis, CEO, The CEO Circle Group

"Peter always presents leadership topics of relevance and interest. However, the most critical element is how these topics are delivered with a level of enthusiasm, energy and fun such that the key messages really ‘sink in’. This has been highly beneficial in developing Adelaide Bank’s leadership capabilities. Peter has the unique blend of two critical skills. Firstly he is knowledgeable about his subjects but as importantly, he has the ability to communicate that knowledge to others in a way that the key messages will be remembered."

-Jamie McPhee, CEO, Adelaide Bank