Special Programming Opportunity: Peter Fuda will be in the United States from October through January, offering significantly reduced travel expenses in the Americas


Based in Australia where he runs The Alignment Partnership, his leadership transformation consultancy, Peter Fuda is a dynamic and highly sought-after speaker in Asia.  This Fall presents more opportunities for event planners in the Americas to bring Peter's type of effective coaching to their audiences.

Peter Fuda is a global authority on leadership and business transformation who helps companies and individuals answer this question: How does a good manager become a great leader?  He does more than rely on current buzz words such as 'change,' 'disruption' and 'innovation' and seeks cultural and meaningful transformation by focusing on goals, alignment, and ambition. Major companies around the world seek Peter's guidance as they set strategic goals and stake claim to them.

Here is what CEOs have to say after working with Peter:

“It is very rare that a speaker is able to captivate an entire audience instantly, but Peter does it every time.” John Karagounis, CEO, The CEO Circle Group

“I have seen many speakers on leadership – Peter is simply one of the best." Ray Weekes, Chairman, The CEO Institute

“Peter is a leadership transformation master.” – Mark Weikel, President and CEO, LensCrafters


Not only a thought-leader, also a change maker

Dr. Peter Fuda is a researcher and thought leader in the study of management and change.  Yet he is also a consultant and real-world guide for CEOs struggling with critical business problems.  Through his leadership transformation consultancy, The Alignment Partnership, Peter has written over 40 business case studies illustrating the solutions and outcomes that he can bring to the most daunting of challenges.

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