The award-winning reporter behind The New Yorker's series of culture-shifting articles has a three-year contract with HBO, a new book on foreign policy, and the world's ear. 

He sure did knock it out of the park...My goal with our meeting was that every attendee leave feeling hopeful, energized and inspired, and [his] keynote truly made that impact.


"Yeah you!!! That was the best speech we’ve had at our luncheon. Everyone was enthralled, you could have heard a pin drop. Thank you so much for coming and being a champion for this cause."

—The Family Place

"...He is like a human sponge, absorbing so much information from everyone around him. What a wonderful presenter you have with Ronan Farrow; I would have him back in our office any time to engage our young team. So many people after the fact were excited to speak with Ronan and meet him to delve further into questions raised. Thought provoking and thoroughly engaging for our team – thank you."

—Constellation Brands
Watch Farrow's recent keynote at the Society of the Silurians >>
Society of the Silurians ~ Ronan Farrow ~ Dec. 20, 2017
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Sought-out to address an audience of 3,000 at WorkHuman 18, and to speak at both Youngstown University's Centofanti Symposium and Colgate University.

Just signed an exclusive three-year deal with HBO to develop and be featured in a series of investigative documentary specials. 

Selected for The Hollywood Reporter cover story "Ronan Farrow, the Hollywood  Prince Who Torched the Castle," shedding light on Farrow's experiences as a child prodigy, groundbreaking reporting, and current in-demand status. 

Farrow's new book on foreign affairs, War on Peace: The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American Influence, is set for release on April 24
Sought-out by nearly every major news outlet, Farrow's informative interviews provide powerful commentary on the many implications of the current moment, the power of journalism, and where we go from here.
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Praised as "a deft and humorous voice on social media," Farrow has over 420K Twitter followers, and keeps audiences tweeting praise at every event:
Ronan Farrow's crucial and courageous reporting not only shook Hollywood, but helped open the floodgates for a movement that's changed the world. Dedicated to sharing the stories of those who are often silenced, Farrow brings his lessons, wisdom and inspiration to captivated audiences worldwide.