These speakers are perfectly positioned to help your business and industry survive and thrive as the economy continues to recover and anticipates reopening. 

Internationally respected economist and financier MOHAMED EL-ERIAN connects with audiences to clearly explain the complex issues of the global economy. El-Erian outlines what's ahead, as well as his vision for a renewed global economy, prosperity and financial stability. 

Former director of the United States National Economic Council GARY COHN offers on-the-nose insights into issues ranging from monetary policy to fiscal policy and from trade to taxes. Cohn decodes what we can expect with insight and clarity, giving tangible takeaways on where we're headed from here.

Dr. JIM YONG KIM draws on his experiences at The World Bank, The World Health Organization, and as a co-founder of Partners in Health to discuss the best practices for containment, testing and safely re-opening. He explains that in order to fully recover, long-term investments in human capital, education, infrastructure and healthcare systems are required. Dr. Kim understands the human and economic impacts of the pandemic and helps audiences understand the path ahead.

An expert on domestic economics and a leading authority on international finance, LAWRENCE SUMMERS draws on his broad perspective and extensive experience as a senior public official in both the U.S. and abroad, Summers evaluates key global economic trends, decoding what they will mean for investors and corporate strategies moving forward. He sheds light on the major forces shaping the economy that go far beyond the breaking news cycle to provide an illuminating near and midterm outlook for businesses. 

As the CEO during a time of great digital disruption, URSULA BURNS lead corporate mainstay Xerox through a transformation into a software-solutions company and away from its manufacturing foundation. With real-life, hard-won lessons from the CEO-Suite, Burns shares with organizations the mindset, opportunities and pitfalls of strategic resiliency.

Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media STEVE FORBES continues to be one of the most sought-after speakers on issues leading the economic debates around the world. He is in-demand for his well-produced virtual keynotes and timely insights on the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic. As host of "What's Ahead," a virtual video podcast he records from his home, Forbes provides insight into the intersection of society, economics and policy. 

KEVIN HASSETT, 29th Chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers, most recently served as a special economic advisor to President Trump to manage data-driven decisions in response to the Coronavirus' impact on the economy. He brings insight into the nation's response to the health and economic challenges we're facing, and what leaders need to know to make decisions as economies and communities reopen.

Former Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration KAREN G. MILLS is a renowned expert on fintech, small business growth, entrepreneurism, job creation, and the economy at large. She is a leading voice on how having an entrepreneurial mindset can help overcome challenges and disruptions, even during uncertainty, and how small businesses can create the impetus for innovation and change.

KEVIN WARSH is a monetary policy expert and economist who served the United States in the Federal Reserve and was hired by the Bank of England to issue an independent report proposing reforms in the United Kingdom, which was adopted. His authoritative and enlightening presentations on domestic and international economic issues help audiences decode what industry and business leaders can expect in both the long and short-term.  

Former Secretary of the Treasury JACK LEW served as the most senior economic official in the U.S. government, helping to shape policies that drove the longest economic recovery in American history. He provides fresh insights and an insider's knowledge of the individual people and policies affecting the direction of the global economy, including how we can begin recovery.

An economic advisor to multiple Presidents and leading economist R. GLENN HUBBARD has been a sought-out voice on the economic implications of the coronavirus. Hubbard has been the architect of policies that affect millions, and is taking a vocal role in economic recovery. He is that rare economic policy speaker who entertains as he delivers a complex message clearly and concisely - the same skills which have made him a familiar face on political and economic television news programs.

Frequently sought out for her economic insight from the highest levels of government, LAURA TYSON was a member of the US Department of State Foreign Affairs Policy Board and served as a member of President Barack Obama‚Äôs Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. She articulates global economic issues and the real world challenges and opportunities facing world markets today, and addresses the current economic situation, providing insights and strategic advice for business growth and success to navigate these challenging times.