From the debates that are embroiling Capitol Hill to what we can expect from the White House, the future of our political leadership to what's at stake in the 2018 midterms, these leading political insiders and commentators know how to read Washington. 
JOHN BOEHNERSpeaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (2011-2015); House Minority Leader (2007-2011); House Majority Leader (2006-2007); Senior Strategic Advisor, Squire Patton Boggs
With unparalleled experience on Capitol Hill serving in three of the most powerful positions in Congress, John Boehner provides audiences with shrewd insights into politics today. Sought-out to deliver a keynote for some 1,600 C-suite executives and government leaders at the upcoming Detroit Regional Chamber Mackinac Policy Conference, Boehner is a go-to voice on how to understand what's happening in Washington. Heralded for balancing engaging (and downright funny) anecdotes with substantive takeaways for organizations across industries, Boehner's "audacious honesty," spot-on analysis, and refreshing willingness to highlight issues on both sides of the aisle, make him a smash hit at every event.

"The feedback could not have been better. His comfortable presentation style created a warm and intimate environment – even in a room filled with over 1,000 attendees. His stories were funny, insightful, heart-filled and engaging."

-The American College of Financial Services

"Speaker Boehner was excellent. It was clear he took into account the material we provided him and he was right on target speaking with them—especially with small business owners. He provided incredibly candid insights and opinions. The 'meet and greet' was also excellent and he told some great stories..."

-Managed Healthcare Associates
  • Recently made headlines for partnering with Xavier University to create a leadership institute, which will honor Speaker Boehner's legacy.  
  • The subject of a highly-cited Politico profile, which was described in a BloombergView op-ed as “an absolutely must-read piece” and a “terrific piece of reporting, highly entertaining, and full of interesting tidbits about why Boehner was so good at his job.
MICHAEL NUTTER98th Mayor of Philadelphia; CNN Contributor; Author, Mayor: The Best Job in Politics 
With over 20 years of experience as an elected official and current role as a commentator on CNN, Michael Nutter is a political powerhouse who is in-demand for his invaluable insider insights, engaging and humorous commentary, and thought leadership on today's top issues. Rising from the City Council to become Philadelphia's 98th Mayor, Nutter gained renown for his innovative strategies and policies on public safety, economic growth, sustainability, and more. Currently in-demand as an advisor for a wide range of organizations-- from Philadelphia's Federal Reserve Bank to Dentons, the world's largest law firm-- Nutter is a respected policy expert and leading voice on issues at both the state and federal level. 

"Mayor Nutter is leaving Philadelphia safer, bigger, better educated at the collegiate level, more cosmopolitan and... more prosperous than he found it... On his watch, millennials and immigrants flooded in, the city’s profile on the world stage grew, and corruption was simply not tolerated."

-  Philadelphia Magazine 

"As mayor of one of our nation’s largest cities, he has earned a national reputation as a leader in urban public policy – addressing key challenges in economic development, public safety, environmental innovation and many others.”

- Columbia University's SIPA Dean, Merit E. Janow

PEGGY NOONANPulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist for The Wall Street Journal; Bestselling Author, The Time of Our Lives; Political Analyst, NBC News & MSNBC; Former Special Assistant & Speechwriter to President Ronald Reagan
A leading conservative voice whose appeal reaches beyond partisan bounds, Peggy Noonan brings to life American politics and current events with fresh insights and thoughtful analysis. The recipient of numerous journalism awards, Noonan is an iconic political writer who's exceptional commentary has been a guiding voice during America's most divisive and challenging times. Drawing on her years of experience working both in the White House and as a journalist, Noonan engages audiences with her shrewd, thoughtful analysis and riveting personal anecdotes.
"For rising to the moment with beautifully rendered columns that connected readers to the shared virtues of Americans during one of the nation’s most divisive political campaigns."
- The Pulitzer Prize Committee, which awarded Noonan for distinguished commentary
"[Peggy Noonan] is writing with such transparent conscience that I believe that she captures the American condition and the American voice....Peggy Noonan delivers, weekly, a reasonable approximation of what the better angels of our nature may (or are supposed to) sound like. Hers is an exhortatory idealism tempered by a rare common sense. She is perceptive, persuasive, principled and patriotic."

- Tunku Varadarajan, professor at NYU’s Stern Business School, on


MAX BAUCUS: U.S. Ambassador to the People's Republic of China (2014-2017); U.S. Senator (D-MT) (1978-2013); Chair, Senate Finance Committee (2007-2014)
With decades of experience in Washington, and credited with leading the passage of Free Trade Agreements with 11 countries, Max Baucus is a renowned policy expert regularly sought-out for his insights into trade, taxes, health care, and more.  A fixture on news programs from Bloomberg to CNBC, most recently Baucus addressed the potential impacts of U.S. steel tariffs. He was also recently sought-out to deliver a keynote at the Daiwa Capital Markets Conference, shedding light on "Present and Future U.S. Politics." 
"We hired Sen Baucus for an event which focused on the China-US economic corridors today and current implications for the future cooperation. He provided a very insightful view about the current and future relations between the 2 countries. Our clients and staff really appreciated his unique perspective. Sen Baucus was a great keynote speaker for our event..."

- Major Multinational Bank

"The economic agreements [Senator Baucus] helped forge have created millions of American jobs and added billions of dollars to our economy...”

- President Barack Obama 
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