Election 2016: It's My Party! 

With a potential realignment shaping both the GOP and the Dems, this year's presidential election is like none in recent memory. MSNBC analysts and former national party chairs, Governor Howard Dean and Michael Steele team up for a dynamic debate – tackling the issues shaping Election 2016 on a national level with up-to-the-minute analysis of key issues and the challenges to both parties in terms of political strategy, fundraising, super PACs, and election reform. 

Rave Reviews

"Our conference was a success...It was an absolute joy to work with Governor Dean, who was kind, agreeable, and completely cooperative."

- DTC Perspectives, Inc.

"One of the nicest, most congenial guest speakers we have ever had and extraordinarily easy to work with. Mr. Steele was a pleasure."

- Newington Cropsey Foundation

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