Sought-out for the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting, HWA Speakers set the global agenda and led the international conversation, delving into the economy, climate change, technology and more.


GARY COHN: Director, National Economic Council (2017-18); President & COO of Goldman Sachs (2006-2017)

A finance industry legend who led one of the largest investment banking enterprises in the world, GARY COHN made headlines in NBC News, Politico, and Marketwatch, for his candid, in-depth interview from Davos on U.S. economic growth. Named as President Trump's chief economic advisor in January 2017, Cohn was heralded as "an economic-policy powerhouse" (The Wall Street Journal) and a "go-to figure on matters related to jobs, business and growth" (The New York Times). Thanks to his shrewd analysis and engaging style, Cohn has headlined both the NIC Fall Conference and Bloomberg's New Economy Forum, and just delivered a keynote at the 2019 Context Summit, during which he made headlines for a fascinating interview on CNBC. Just named to the board of directors of MZ, a global market leader in mobile gaming, for which he made headlines in Bloomberg, Cohn also joined blockchain startup Spring Labs as an adviser. With his vast knowledge of the global financial system and and the inner-workings of the current U.S. administration's approach to economic policy, Cohn translates uncertainty into tangible takeaways.


TIM BERNERS-LEE: Inventor, World Wide Web; President & Founder, Open Data Institute; TIME's "100 Most important People of the 20th Century"

TIM BERNERS-LEE created the most powerful communication medium in the world, the World Wide Web, and continues to revolutionize how society understands and uses the web. Having recently announced his plan to launch Inrupt, a groundbreaking startup that will harness the power of Solid-- Berner-Lee's new, powerful, open-source platform built to decentralize the web-- Berners-Lee has been making headlines in virtually every major outlet, including: The EconomistFast CompanyVanity FairBBCForbesBusiness InsiderMashableCBS News, and more. Berners-Lee recently unveiled his "Contract for the Web" urging governments, Internet companies and users to commit to a set of principles. He discussed his vision and digital environment safety and freedoms on a World Economic Forum panel entitled Speaking Out Under Threat, which racked up thousands of views on Facebook.  Berners-Lee is in-demand to address thousands of audience-members at premier events in the coming months, including: T3CH 2019, Oktane19, Bosch Connected World, and more.


AL GORE: Founder and Chairman, The Climate Reality Project; Nobel Peace Laureate (2007); Vice President of the United States (1993-2001)

An environmental, business and tech visionary, AL GORE was sought-out for two panels at the World Economic Forum: Safeguarding Our Planet and Taking Action for Our Ocean. Highlighting how recent science and continued environmental degradation proves the urgency of the climate crisis, Gore outlined ways for the public and private sector to come together to implement solutions. At the undisputed epicenter of the global conversation surrounding climate change, Gore recently hosted a 24 hour National Geographic Wild special, "24 Hours of Reality: Protect Our Planet, Protect Ourselves" to explore the impacts of the climate crisis worldwide and reveal what we can do about it. He also recently spoke at the U.N. Climate Summit in Poland, and has been sough-out for fascinating, in-depth interviews with Christiane Amanpour on CNN, on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and CBS Sunday Morning, and in The Atlantic and Washington Post on the evolving politics of the environment. Inspiring and passionate, Gore is a gifted orator who offers a unique perspective on national and international issues, moving audiences to powerful action


JANE GOODALL: World-Renowned Conservationist; Founder, Jane Goodall Institute; United Nations Messenger of Peace

Iconic conservationist JANE GOODALL was in-demand at the World Economic Forum, sitting down for an in-depth, 52-minute one-on-one conversation with Fareed Zakaria and participating in two other panels, one on Close Encounters and the other The Cost of Inequality. Goodall's powerful insights on how to inspire change, and combating climate change and inequality made headlines in TIME, CNN and CNBC. Goodall is consistently heralded for moving audiences to action with awe-inspiring stories about her work and life. The subject of a recent documentary from National Geographic, Jane, Goodall has been in-demand for interviews by The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times to share insights into her continued mission to save the planet. In the coming months she is set to share her new keynote "Jane at 85: Reasons for Hope."


DAVID ROWAN: Editor-at-Large and Founding Editor-in-Chief of WIRED UK; Renowned Tech Journalist, The Sunday Times

A prolific writer and speaker, DAVID ROWAN deconstructs tech trends in real time—how the Internet of Things, 3D printing, big data, artificial intelligence, and more are changing businesses and consumers. At the World Economic Forum he moderated a discussion on "Game Changing Trends in Digital and Analytics". Rowan frequently delivers fully customized keynotes that reveal the future of your industry, how companies can transform their values, and how to survive and prosper in a tech future. His new book "The Disruptors: A Wired Editor’s Quest for Non-Bullshit Innovationwill detail his global quest to identify "visionary leaders who have managed to recalibrate their businesses in radical ways to grow and succeed in the digital age" - and shows where he discovered "genuinely exciting innovation ... in places you might not expect". Rowan's keynotes deliver the same kinds of surprising and useful takeaways. Having recently delivered a slam dunk keynote entitled "Don't fall for fake innovation! Building industries that matter" at Impact CEE-- one of the most important events on the future of the digital economy-- in the coming months Rowan will shed light on "The New Rules of Business" at the 2019 Leading Real Estate Annual Conference. 


Visionary and passionate leaders heralded for their ability to deliver speeches that are substantive, awe-inspiring and entertaining, these HWA Speakers captured the world's attention with their insights at Davos. Invited to attend the elite event because their work and ideas help inform the global agenda, these speakers are the the forefront of innovation in addressing the top challenges of our time.