Serving in the Obama Administration for eight years, Ambassador Daniel Shapiro heralded as "a pioneer of public diplomacy" and highly sought-after for his shrewd insights into regional affairs won praise from leaders of both the U.S. and Israel for his deft management of bilateral relations during a period marked by challenges. 

As Ambassador to Israel from July 2011 until the end of the Obama Administration, Shapiro skillfully navigated U.S.-Israel relations during Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, the Iran nuclear agreement, regional instability, and periods of significant bilateral tension and disagreement.  A fluent Hebrew speaker, his time as Ambassador was marked by seamlessly combining his tremendous knowledge and experience with unprecedented levels of engagement with Israel's diverse communities. As one article put it, Shapiro "won over Israelis across the political spectrum through determined outreach and his demonstrable concern and care for the Jewish state." Among Ambassador Shapiro's other accomplishments were negotiating the $38 billion Memorandum of Understanding for U.S. military aid to Israel and 40% growth in U.S.-Israel trade.

“The fact that … our bilateral relations and cooperation grew in strength despite some severe arguments is largely thanks to you. Best I can tell, you have been the best Ambassador that Israel ever had, and both the Israeli and the American people owe you a great debt of gratitude.” 
Ambassador Shapiro Makes Headlines

"Shapiro was perhaps the only person who retained the trust of both President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu, an international diplomatic feat in its own right. Even as Israel and the United States butted heads, sometimes explosively, Shapiro managed to safeguard the relationship, put out fires, and keep lines of communication open."
Shapiro's time as Ambassador followed a diverse career involving over 20 years in senior foreign policy and national security positions in the United States government, including as the Senior Director for the Middle East and North Africa at the National Security Council.

Currently, Shapiro is the Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Tel Aviv University’s Institute of National Security Studies, where he remains in-demand by both Israeli and U.S. media outlets for his remarkable breadth of insights.
 From his current vantage point in Israel, Shapiro is uniquely qualified to give a behind-the-scenes account of U.S.-Israel relations under the Trump Administration, Israeli-Palestinian talks, and negotiations surrounding the Iran nuclear deal. 
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With unparalleled insights into the future of U.S.-Israel relations and Middle Eastern affairs, Ambassador Shapiro is uniquely qualified to delve into the unique challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Known for both his sharp analysis and passion for the issues, Ambassador Shapiro brings crucial topics to life for any audience.