TARANA BURKE: Founder, Me Too Movement; 2017 TIME Person of the Year & TIME's "100 Most Influential People 2018 "; Social Justice Activist 

"Tarana was magnificent. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and hearing her speak. She was extremely gracious in speaking with guests and taking photos."

- National Museum of African American Music

"@TaranaBurke is amazing! Dropping knowledge & inspiring @RutgersU#MeToo"

- Tweet during Rutgers University keynote 

"We had just under 1,700 attendees, with a lot of positive energy… Lots of adoring people got time with them after, and that was incredible to see in action. After a long day for them, it was quite impressive they gave such personal and thoughtful attention to people who were sometimes very emotional about the experience. So many positive comments coming in from our students and community. Very cool."

-Gonzaga University

TARANA BURKE has dedicated her life to social justice work and giving strength to those who experienced sexual trauma or harassment. Honored as one of The Silence Breakers named TIME's 2017 Person of the Year, and named to TIME's "100 Most Influential People of 2018" and Politico's "20 Women to Watch," Burke spearheaded the Me Too movement years before it became a viral hashtag as the founder of Just Be Inc., a non-profit that helps victims. The simple yet courageous #MeToo hashtag campaign has generated over 13 million Facebook posts and Tweets worldwide, as it inspires solidarity, amplifies the voices of victims, and puts the focus back on survivors. On stage, Tarana shares her powerful and poignant story as creator of what is now an international movement and a survivor of sexual assault herself. She provides insight into the current state of affairs and outpouring of sexual harassment allegations, addresses pressing issues of respect, dignity and power dynamics in schools, workplaces and politics, and illuminates a path forward. Recently sought-out for Globoforce's WorkHuman premier HR event, and for Estee Lauder's Inclusion & Diversity Week: 'Cultivating Collaboration', Burke is in-demand for her empowering remarks on fostering meaningful change and how to create spaces that are both egalitarian and safe. 

RONAN FARROWContributing Writer, The New Yorker; Documentary Filmmaker, HBO; Pulitzer Prize-Winning Investigative Reporter

"He sure did knock it out of the park...My goal with our meeting was that every attendee leave feeling hopeful, energized and inspired, and [his] keynote truly made that impact."

- Blackbaud

"Can’t say enough about Ronan’s kindness -- respectful behavior, personally attentive to people he met. He also added levity, sometimes, at just the right moment. Professional and grateful…"

-Gonzaga University

Just awarded the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for his culture-shifting reporting for The New Yorker, RONAN FARROW's work served as a lightning rod for the crucial conversation surrounding assault, harassment and abuse of power, and helped open the floodgates that inspired the #MeToo hashtag and encouraged so many other survivors to find their voice. Recognized by the Pulitzer Prize committee for his, “explosive, impactful journalism... spurring a worldwide reckoning about sexual abuse of women,” Farrow was also named to TIME's "100 Most Influential People of 2018."  Dedicated to sharing the stories of those who are often silenced, Farrow has taken his powerful message to audiences nationwide, discussing the impact and future of the Me Too movement at Globoforce’s WorkHuman 2018, Preet Bharara's Change SummitYoungstown State UniversityGonzaga University, and Colgate. In his new keynote The Sexual Abuse Reckoning, Farrow offers a blueprint of the “dos” and “don’ts” of efforts to create accountability, and discusses the poignant personal stories of abuse, in his family and beyond, that led him to report so passionately on the topic. Balancing actionable advice and bold inspiration, Farrow unpacks how organizations and companies across industries can address this current moment and enact meaningful change. 
CECILE RICHARDSPresident, Planned Parenthood Federation of America & Planned Parenthood Action Fund (2006-2018); New York Times Bestselling Author, Make Trouble; Board Member, Ford Foundation
"Cecile Richards was a fascinating, engaging, and charming speaker. With humor, grace and first-rate storytelling, she kept an audience of 800 New Yorkers - women and men, old and young - engaged and excited during an important and stimulating conversation. Her appearance was one of the “hits” of our season."

- Temple Emanu-el Streicker Center

Named to TIME’s “100 Most Influential People in the World,” CECILE RICHARDS is celebrated for her vocal, dedicated and strategic leadership as well as her extensive advocacy work at grassroots organizations, in the non-profit sector and in Washington. The author of a new book and instant New York Times Bestseller, “Make Trouble: Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Finding the Courage to Lead,” Richards offers powerful insights and sharp commentary on leadership, women’s rights, social justice, and politics. At the helm of Planned Parenthood, Richards led a federation of more than 600 health centers, providing high-quality health care to millions of people each year, and directed a staff of more than 500 employees in the national office. A dynamic and empowering speaker, Richards has addressed the current moment and where we go from here, offering insights and lessons on how to foster environments where everyone feels empowered, valued and safe, at the Women in the World Conference, SXSW, The Women's March, and more. Her new keynote Make Trouble motivates audiences to powerful action, sharing transformative lessons on resilience and leadership.
TINA TCHEN: Spearheaded and serves as Chief Lawyer for the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund; Former Assistant to President Barack Obama; Former Chief of Staff to First Lady Michelle Obama
"The day was a triumph and Tina was a rock star. She is amazing and the students so appreciated her sincere attentiveness. She went beyond the call in terms of the time she spent talking 1:1 with them. Thanks for your support in making this happen for RWU."

- Roger William University

"It was a pleasure to have Tina as our Keynote Speaker. She wowed our attendees... We received overwhelmingly positive feedback on her talk. Here are just a few... 'Tina’s speech was eye-opening to think differently and deeply on the subject of Gender Equality and diversity in such different angles and perspective.' 'Very inspirational speaker!...' We thought the Q&A session was fantastic..."

-Procter & Gamble

TINA TCHEN shares hope, ideas and strategies that inspire others to recognize the power of diverse teams and keep equality on the forefront of every organization's agenda. A high-powered lawyer, Tina’s career accomplishments have established her as a powerful advocate for gender equality. Having spearheaded the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund, Tchen is on the front lines of the work being done to help those who have experienced sexual misconduct in every industry to connect with legal and public relations assistance. Recently, Tchen has made headlines in Bloomberg, W MagazineCNNVanity Fair, and more, as she sheds light on the momentum of the movement and creating diverse workplaces of respect and equality. Recently sought-out by the Recording Academy to Head its new Task Force for Inclusion, Tchen also served as chief of staff to First Lady Michelle Obama, special assistant to President Barack Obama, and the executive director of the Council on Women and Girls, leading the first-ever White House Summit on Working Families and the first-ever United State of Women Summit. She draws on her extensive experiences to each of her engagements, motivating audiences to create a world where equality, diversity and inclusion are no longer buzzwords, but typical facts of everyday life.

ADAM BRAUNNew York Times & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, The Promise of a Pencil; Founder, Pencils of Promise; Founder & CEO, MissionU; Entrepreneur & Leader in the For-Purpose Industry

"The feeling was unanimous, the best speaker we've ever had at an offsite."

-Kraft Brands

"I was left utterly speechless, the best event we've ever had."

-COX Communications

"The best speaker I've ever seen in the history of our company's offsite events. "

-Coca-Cola HBC

"Adam was a great speaker and everyone loved him... He actually got a Standing O at both programs."

-The Great-West Life Assurance Company

Entrepreneur and leader of the for-purpose industry ADAM BRAUN is Founder and CEO of MissionU, a groundbreaking program that offers a debt-free alternative to higher-education and was just named to Fast Company's list of "World's Most Innovative Companies of 2018." An in-demand and inspiring leader who also founded Pencils of Promise, which is set to open its 500th school and serve 100,000 students in 2018, Braun provides empowering inspiration and actionable takeaways on how to be a change-maker. His keynote The Alpha Effect: How Great Leaders Invest in Others emphasizes how, while most think of an alpha leader as the dominant figure in every room, true alpha males and females in nature are only successful because of the empathy they display towards others in their tribe and the investments they make in strengthening each member of their pack. Recently sought-out to deliver this perspective-shifting keynote at the SHIFT Conference, Braun unveils the the best practices of the world's greatest "alpha" leaders in creating workplace culture, how to focus on collective team success and the exact tactics to make it happen.
ERICA KESWIN: Author, Bring Your Human to Work (Fall 2018); Workplace Strategist & Executive Coach Specializing in the Business of Relationships
"She was awesome!... She goes the extra mile at every turn. She has warmth and heart and people couldn’t get enough of her. We have never in 18 years of my doing this had so many in line for Q&A. It could have gone on and on. She’s a very special lady..."
- The University of Texas at Tyler

A workplace strategist who has worked with some of the most iconic organizations in the world from the NFL to NASA, Erica Keswinhighlights how relationships are the most powerful driver of success for individuals and companies striving to attract and retain talent and loyal customers. Her forthcoming book, Bring Your Human to Work: Ten Sure-Fire Ways to Design a Workplace That is Good for People, Great for Business, and Just Might Change the World (McGraw Hill, Fall 2018), is already generating hype and serves as a powerful guide to a workplace revolution that honors relationships and puts people first. Her flagship keynote, offers powerful case studies and walks leaders and managers through her ten sure-fire ways to help them design a more human workplace, which all comes down to one simple thing—honoring relationships. A dynamite speaker, Keswin just delivered a keynote at WorkHuman 2018, in which she revealed her tried-and-true, human roadmap for a more meaningful, connected, inclusive, and productive workplace culture.  She is also a regular contributor to Forbes, where she recently penned a powerful, widely-shared op-ed entitled "Because Life Happens When We're All At Work" outlining effective strategies for getting the most out of employees while respecting their personal lives. 

MOIRA FORBES: President and Publisher, ForbesWoman; Host, Success with Moira Forbes; Founder, Forbes Executive Women’s Board; Executive Vice President, Forbes Media

"Moira did a great job last night! Everyone was very complimentary and mentioned how interesting she was. She... was very generous with her time after the event to talk more with several of the women. "

-Commercial Real Estate Women-DC Chapter

"Moira Forbes was amazing and as one attendee remarked 'Moira Forbes stole the show; she was fantastic.' We were thrilled to have her join us for our inaugural Women in Manufacturing event and hope to use your agency again in the future!" 

- Precision MetalForming Association

Heralded for her tremendous business acumen, MOIRA FORBES is a leading voice on today's political and socioeconomic landscape and the effect women have on it.  At the helm of ForbesWomen, where among myriad roles Forbes serves as a chief organizer of the Forbes Women's Summit, Forbes is an agenda-setter who more than just advocates for more seats at the table, but actually makes it happen. Recently sought-out to deliver a keynote entitled "Leading through Power Change" at the upcoming Tulsa Business Forum, Forbes shares actionable takeaways on how current political activism translates to corporate dynamics. Forbes recently spearheaded and hosted the #BoardForward Awards Gala as a way to spotlight the ways in which to break down barriers to achieve greater inclusion and diversity in tech. In her powerful keynote The New Agenda Setters, Forbes sheds light on the women setting the agenda from business, to government, to policy and the lessons learned for women ascending into greater positions of leadership.

NATALY KOGAN: Founder of Happier, a global technology and learning platform enabling users to discover new methods of pursuing emotional wellbeing; TEDx Speaker on How to Cultivate Happiness; Author of Happier Now
"Nataly was the hit of the event. The reviews were fantastic and her message was absolutely perfect. What a delightful, inspirational woman she is."


-Women Inspiring Women

"Nataly’s background and experience on what really drives a happier existence at work & home was very well received. She brings a lot of credibility to the topic as she is very honest about her own experiences. It was refreshing to hear. I can’t recommend enough adding an element of Happier to a company event."

- Gillette

The CEO and Founder of Happier—an award-winning global technology and learning platform—NATALY KOGAN is a leading expert on how people and organizations can transform their individual and team culture so that they can thrive. Author of the just-released Happier Now, which reveals the power in embracing the rich fabric of many human emotions, including the difficult ones, and having penned a powerful Washington Post op-ed, Kogan unpacks how to build cultures of resilience, empathy, inclusivity, and ultimately, happiness. Nataly’s received standing ovations from groups such as Million Dollar Roundtable, Fortune's Tech Brainstorm, SXSW, Harvard Women's Leadership Conference, Gillette, TEDx Boston, and many more, thanks to her instantly implementable takeaways that transform work cultures and attitudes. 

In the wake of the powerful #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, organizations and companies across industries are even more eager to foster balanced, diverse and inclusive work environments. These speakers reveal how to do just that, sharing candid insights, powerful personal experiences, and implementable strategies on how to transform workplace culture for the better.