The Only Ticket Hotter Than 'Hamilton' is
Ron Chernow

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Chernow's 800-page biography Alexander Hamilton inspired Broadway's smash hit musical, Hamilton, which had already made history with 16 Tony nominations before going on to win 11 awards this week. Mr. Chernow served as the show's advisor for historical accuracy and helped history come alive for a whole new generation.

The Alexander Hamilton craze shows no signs of slowing down. Ron Chernow's biography has now been on the bestseller list for 34 weeks - that's 22 weeks longer than when it first came out in 2004 and it continues to command the top spot at #1.

"I knew he was a beautiful writer; I didn't know what a splendid, eloquent speaker he was. Our audience was thrilled and enlightened. Thank you so much."

- Virginia Magazine of History and Biography


This past Sunday, CBS News' 60 Minutes featured a two-part "director's cut" on Hamilton Watch Ron Chernow's interview on Part 1 at the 6 minute mark, and Part 2 at the 5:40 mark >>

Two weeks ago, Mr. Chernow spoke to a packed house at the Westport Public Library’s 18th "BOOKED for the Evening" event after accepting the Westport Library Award, where he was honored not only for helping create the hottest ticket on Broadway, but for a whole special body of work. Read more >>

The National Archives Foundation will bestow its Records of Achievement award on Ron Chernow on Sept. 25 for daring storytelling that "ignites our interest in the people who shaped our nation and makes us want to know more about the origins of the complex political debates that continue today.”  Read more >>

In March when Mr. Chernow visited the White House with the entire "Hamilton" cast, who performed fifteen numbers, President Obama's introduction referred to "Ron Chernow's extraordinary biography of Alexander Hamilton" and noted that "a great historian is here in the front row." Watch more >>