The world's leading financial experts on navigating the global economic horizon.

The World's Top Economic Minds

For clarity and insight into the global economic challenges facing business and the markets, hear firsthand from the world's leading financial experts.

Larry Summers - Former Director of the White House National Economic Council, Chief Economist of the World Bank, and Secretary of the U.S. Treasury >>
"Larry was great and delivered exactly what we wanted from him. He is a professional and he comes across very authoritative and thoughtful." -BCA Research
Paul Tucker - Expert on Banking and Monetary Policy; Chair, Systemic Risk Council; Former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England >>
"He did a great job...many people have commented to me about how useful they found his talk. He covered a very broad subject matter but did it in a very candid and entertaining fashion." - PIMCO
Elizabeth Duke - Governor of the Federal Reserve (2008-2013); Expert on Monetary Policy >>
"Early feedback was very positive. Attendees really enjoyed Betsy’s insight and the conversational format — lots of really great questions and she was cool, candid, and a delight." - Eagen, Inc.
Mohamed El-Erian - Internationally Recognized Expert on World Economy & Finance; Chief Economic Advisor at Allianz >>
"He has an incredible ability to convey what are quite complex matters in a relatively simple way that everyone in the audience can understand, and furthermore he connects with people in a remarkable way." - National Bank Of Abu Dhabi

Olivier Blanchard - Former Chief Economist, International Monetary Fund >>
"Olivier Blanchard’s tenure at the IMF capped a lifelong effort to restore economics as a disciplined way of thinking about the world that is truthful, intuitive and useful." - Marvin Joseph / The Washington Post
Alan Krueger - One of the Most-Respected Economists in the World; Former Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers and Chief Economist of the U.S. Treasury >>
"The event was great – the team really enjoyed the time spent with Alan and had extremely positive feedback. They believed he uncovered a hard to see insight and they thought it was a very productive use of time." - AT&T
Ed Balls - Leading Global Economist & Expert on Monetary Policy and Eurozone Issues; Former Economic Advisor to UK Treasury >>
"Your formal remarks were extremely informative, provocative, and well organized. The audience was clearly fully attentive and engaged. I can report that your presentation was very well received." -Boston Council of Foreign Relations
Kevin Warsh - Former Member of the Board of Governors, Federal Reserve ; Member, Group of Thirty (G30) >>
"Kevin Warsh was outstanding! He delivered interesting and insightful comments with energy and enthusiasm. A great event for us!" - Center for Business and Public Policy at the University of Illinois
Jean Claude Trichet - Chairman, Group of Thirty (G30); Former President, European Central Bank; Former Governor, Banque de France >>
Jean-Claude Trichet has been named “Person of the Year” by the Financial Times and one of the “Most Influential People in the World” in Time magazine. He has been listed on the “World’s Most Powerful” list in Newsweek and as one of the “Most Powerful Figures in Finance” by Institutional Investor.
John Lipsky - Former First Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund >>
"John Lipsky was great and he was on top of the global economic issues. His presentation was comprehensive even for an audience of Korean financial executives who professionally are themselves familiar with these issues and had recently heard other experts." - Newspim

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