MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY: Academy Award-Winning Actor

In engagements that are equal parts empowering and entertaining, MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY uplifts audiences and helps them strive to be their best and find the opportunity in every moment, even the most difficult ones. 

A voice of inspiration and some much-needed humor amid these challenging times, he's delivered a virtual commencement address to the class of 2020, shared a virtual message of hope to the world via Good Morning America, regularly provides practical (yet engaging) coronavirus health advice through his Instagram, and even hosted virtual bingo for senior citizens. McConaughey also launched a new Instagram series during quarantine, "McConaughey Takes," in which he takes viewers behind-the-scenes of his movies. His new book, Greenlights, will be released on October 20, 2020. Check out his talk with Dr. Anthony Fauci on IG Live next Thursday, August 13th, 6:30pm EST >>


CHARLIZE THERON: Academy Award-Winning Actress and Producer

CHARLIZE THERON is a powerful storyteller- which is exactly what she does at speaking engagements to motivate people to powerful action. Theron is an UN Messenger for Peace as well as the founder of the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, which invests in African youth and their ability to keep themselves safe from HIV/ AIDS, as well as women in crisis facing domestic violence. She is a constant advocate, appearing everywhere from the United Nations to the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to the TODAY Show to discuss the work she is doing at the intersection of gender, race and poverty. Heralded for bringing her remarkable life experiences and passionate activism to life at each and every engagement, Theron shares insights on issues ranging from women's health and security, racial equity and social justice, and global citizenship. SAP called her personal talk at their event “powerful,” making all other events seem “tame.”


ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Founder and CEO of investment firm A-Rod Corp; Iconic Athlete, 3x MVP, and World Baseball Champion

A leading voice on resilience and dedication, leadership and teamwork, and how to truly master your craft, ALEX RODRIGUEZ shares his “mindset of a champion” philosophy, leaving audiences prepared to excel in their own personal and professional lives. His rave reviews speak for themselves, such as: "Powerful, poignant, persuasive – a truly passionate performance... To say impressed in an understatement. Your expressive and raw discussion turned heads and changed mindsets. A remarkable feat. I believe what captured many hearts was your humility. The surprise and delight of your talk had everyone on the edge of their seats. The question and answer session in particular where many of your themes and advice organically came forth proved to be invaluable." (Intuit) Check out Alex's compelling, engaging and informative virtual presentation on how to turn rejection into a home run. It's a powerful, high-quality, 45-minute interview, chock-full of personal anecdotes and actionable lessons that incorporates both multi-media and Q&A.


SHAQ: Media Personality, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist; Member NBA Hall of Fame & 15-Time NBA All Star Player

Few individuals ever become iconic enough to be known by one name. A true cultural icon and renaissance man, SHAQ shares his life and passions off the court in TNT's new hit show Shaq Life, where audiences get to meet the man behind the legend and to experience Shaq's legendary sense of humor, enormous heart and endless determination. Shaq brings the same winning combination on display in Shaq Life to virtual and live engagements, offering up empowering and actionable insights on leadership, resilience, and teamwork, and personal (and hilarious) anecdotes that create a one-of-a-kind audience experience. He teaches audiences how to "Shaq-ify" their life and business for health, wealth and happiness. 

Amid the coronavirus, Shaq has been all over social media-- encouraging everyday people and student athletes to stay healthy and active while practicing social distancing. He hosted an Instagram Live - Shaq and IcyHot: How to Stay Active At Home and is also helping COVID-19 job loss with Shaq and SteadyApp: How to create jobs.


PADMA LAKSHMI: Emmy Award-Winning Host and Producer, Bravo's Top Chef; Host of Acclaimed Hulu's Taste the Nation; New York Times Bestselling Author

Chef, TV personality and activist PADMA LAKSHMI has a new hit series on Hulu which collectively expands and redefines the meaning of American food. In Taste the Nation, Lakshmi highlights and celebrates the food cultures of Indigenous people, immigrant communities and the descendants of enslaved people."As a host, she is generous, inviting people to tell their own stories, in their own words, recognizing that American communities aren’t monoliths, though they’ve often been simplified and presented that way on food television." (NYTimes) Fans who know Lakshmi as a host and executive producer of the long-running Top Chef consider her a friend for her approachable, easy-going, calm demeanor on the pressure-filled show. Lakshmi is a veteran of digital content, and consistently impresses virtual audiences, from light-hearted virtual cooking demonstrations to important conversations about the intersection of food and culture.


WINTON MARSALIS: International Jazz Icon

When live performances stopped, that did not stop WYNTON MARSALIS. He's been keeping more than busy leading Jazz at Lincoln Center’s WorldWide Concert of Jazzhelping the Philadelphia Orchestra honor FrontLine Workers, supporting Harlem Eat Up! and urging community leaders to keep the arts funding front and center.

Marsalis’ core beliefs and foundation for living are based on the principals of jazz. He promotes individual creativity (improvisation), collective cooperation (swing), gratitude and good manners (sophistication), and faces adversity with persistent optimism (the blues). With his evolved humanity and through his selfless work, Marsalis has elevated the quality of human engagement for individuals, social networks and cultural institutions throughout the world.