Leadership researcher and New York Times bestselling author MARCUS BUCKINGHAM helps companies ask and answer, “Why do we deserve to attract and retain the best employees?” He helps leaders identify how to leverage the talents of each person to build highly productive, effective teams. And he helps each individual identify and lean into their unique gifts and interests to make meaningful contributions at work and in life.

"Marcus Buckingham spoke two weeks ago and there's still so much positive buzz around the office about his presentation. He takes complex things and breaks them down. People said, 'How can I take this and make it happen for me?' People left wanting to do something, wanting to take action."

-Rena Holland, Human Resources, Coca-Cola North America


Activate your company’s discussion around the collective power of honoring our individual talents with a talk from Marcus and a common read of his new book Love + Work. HWA can facilitate a bulk purchase to be distributed to your employees not only as a memento of the event, but also as a tool to hone a shared skill across your organization. Buckingham’s newest bestseller is a manifesto for leaders and individuals on creating lasting personal and professional success at the crucial intersection between our talents and our contributions at work.


A highly sought-after speaker, Buckingham always receives rave reviews, such as: "Marcus' energy and enthusiasm was truly contagious! His presentation was very entertaining, and he provided insight surrounding the areas of employee motivation and leadership." (Golden Corral)

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Love + Work is already being heralded by Forbes as one of the ten must-reads for career and leadership in 2022, “to not only help people determine what they love to do, but help them choose roles where they’ll succeed, reshape existing jobs and do work that stands out from the crowd.”