BREXIT: What's Next?

For real insight into the implications of the Brexit vote, the Harry Walker Agency exclusively represents the world's leading financial experts from institutions such as the World’s Central Banks, IMF and G30.     

Sir Paul Tucker recently participated in the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies' conference,  “Europe and the Challenges of the BREXIT.”  View his presentation by advancing to minute 17:46 >>

Former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, Ed Balls made the case for staying in Europe ahead of a debate on Brexit at this year’s Institute of Travel and Tourism (ITT) conference. Read more >>

Read Larry Summers' op-ed, "Why Brexit is worse for Europe than Britain" and check out his interview with Marketplace. Yesterday, Dr. Summers spoke to Boston's NPR news station on what Brexit might be mean for markets around the world and in the U.S., and whether we are at risk of a recession or other economic downturns. Read more >>

George Papandreou recently discussed "The Ghost of Brexit: Challenges for the EU in a Changing World" at the Asia Society of Hong Kong  and provided insightful analysis of the current pressures facing Europe and the European Union last month at the Annual SALT (SkyBridge Alternatives) Conference.

Ahead of last Thursday's vote, John Lipsky spoke to Fox Business News about the global economic implications for business if Britain left the EU. Watch >> 


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