Speaker Boehner on "What's Next in Washington?"

As a leader in Congress for 24 years, Speaker Boehner knows the players and what's next in Washington. Unabashedly frank, Speaker Boehner pulls no punches - his unmatched candor and sharp wit are on full display and audiences can't get enough.

Watch Speaker Boehner's CNBC interview this week, weighing in on the Trump presidency >>

Meeting Planners are raving about Speaker Boehner:
"Speaker Boehner was a big hit with our audience. His presentation was insightful, amusing and thought-provoking, and it was an unvarnished assessment of what's going on in Washington and American politics."
- Edison Electric Institute
"Speaker John Boehner was a powerful presenter at our board of directors meeting – his comments were candid and insightful, recognized the multi-nationality of the board, and reflected his wealth of experience and expertise in Washington and with the political landscape. Speaker Boehner commanded the room and held the attention of the audience for the entire session, balancing sincere and transparent remarks with interesting experiential commentary. In the Q&A portion, he tailored his answers carefully to the interests of the directors and was clear and concise in his responses, allowing us to ask many questions spanning a great diversity of topics."
- BMO Financial Group
"Everything went great! From the Speaker’s presentation to his attendance at the various activities and social events he was welcomed and well received by all."
- M Financial Group
"It was an honor to spend time with the Speaker, and the feedback on his remarks has been tremendous. He covered an array of topics that engaged the global audience of over 1,200 attendees."
- Financial Services Conference
"Speaker Boehner was absolutely phenomenal - one of the most dynamic and engaging speakers we've ever had!"
- Vanderbilt University
"Speaker Boehner was excellent. It was clear he took into account the material we provided him about the audience and he was right on target speaking with them—especially with small business owners. He provided incredibly candid insights and opinions. The 'meet and greet' was also excellent and he told some great stories. We would absolutely recommend him as a speaker."
- Managed Healthcare Associates
"The event was great!! We were thrilled with his willingness to talk about all subject matters. The audience was engaged the whole time and asked many great questions. I can’t think of how it could have gone better."
- Stanford University
Watch Speaker Boehner discuss some of the challenges that await our new president >>
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