This Black History Month, event planners turned to HWA Speakers to inspire, embolden, and empower audiences. Now is a great time to start planning for next year's programs. 
MAE JEMISON: First African-American Woman in Space
"Dr. Jemison was simply amazing! The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive! There were approximately 450 people who heard her keynote speech and they gave her a standing ovation! ...The event itself was a huge success, but I know that having Dr. Jemison as the keynote speaker put it well over the top!"
- The University of Alabama

An icon of the civil rights movement, Jemison was recently immortalized in Lego form and was also honored in a Black History Month celebration that went viral

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MARTIN LUTHER KING III: Civil Rights Activist and Oldest son of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
"Martin Luther King III was spectacular! It was such an honor to have him at our event. His speech was heartfelt and impressive, and the audience seemed to hang on to Mr. King’s every word."

- The Kennedy Forum

Sought out for his insights on social justice, Martin Luther King III continues his father's legacy as the President of the Drum Major Institute 
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ANDREW YOUNGCivil Rights Activist; Former Mayor of Atlanta, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and U.S. Congressman
“I have heard nothing but outstanding comments about both the interview and [Ambassador Young’s] keynote. He made an ever lasting impact on many. I can tell you that.  Ambassador Young is the real deal. He's a humanitarian who genuinely cares about people. Please let him know that he made a difference in Modesto. He was inspiring!... The Modesto community REALLY appreciated his visit and felt honored to have a close and up front dialogue with him. We craved his wisdom.” 

-  The Modesto Peace/Life Center
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JUDITH JAMISON: Artistic Director Ermerita, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

ROLAND FRYERBehavioral Economist on Race & Social Issues; Founder & Director, Harvard's Education Innovation Laboratory
CHARLES RANGEL: Member, U.S. House of Representatives from New York (1971-2017); First African-American Chair, House Ways and Means Committee 
DESIREE ROGERSCEO, Johnson Publishing Company- Publishers of Ebony & Jet Magazines; Special Assistant to President Obama
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