Regardless of industry, blockchain is set to fundamentally change how we do business. These experts can decode what to expect and how your organization can tap into the revolutionary technology. 
TIM BERNERS-LEE: Inventor of the World Wide Web 
An iconic visionary on the future of technology, Tim Berners-Lee reveals how blockchain offers advantages to companies across industries and how it will come to be used by everyday citizens. Delivering a keynote on "The Future of Tech" at Swell by Ripple, Berners-Lee shed light on how blockchain and the web will come together, offering user conveniences like more effective web authentication. He also warned of blockchain misuse and laid out a path for creating a safe and secure tech future. Following Berners-Lee's Ripple keynote, his comments made headlines in FortuneAmerican Banker, and Coin Desk thanks to his forward-looking insights and prominence as a global thought leader on innovation and tech.
"I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful event last night. The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive and all the guests greatly valued your insights and perspectives. A number commented to me that it was the best EY event they had ever attended. That is a testament to your genius and interactive style."
-Ernst & Young

"We have had marvellous feedback on our event. Sir Tim was an engaging and inspirational speaker and appeared to be happy to chat with guests before and after the event. Thank you for your help with making the arrangements with Sir Tim."

LARRY SUMMERSDirector, White House Economic Council (2009-2010); Secretary of the Treasury (1999-2001); Board Advisor, Digital Currency Group 
A board advisor for the Digital Currency Group, a venture capital company focused on the digital currency market and at the epicenter of blockchain technology, Summers was one of the first financial leaders to endorse blockchain technology's business potential beyond crypto-currency. Summers addressed how blockchain companies can effectively engage with governments and regulators, and the technology's future impact on the financial industry, at financial tech conference Consensus 2016. His prescient comments on "Blockchain in a Global Context," instantly resulted in headlines in CNBCCoinDesk,Fortuneand more. 

"He was on-time, cordial and engaging."


"Larry was insightful, brilliant, provocative and very engaging ."


"It was a huge pleasure to host an event with Mr. Summers... Summers spoke in front of more than 200 guests on his insider view of international politics, the US economy, the management of monetary policy by the Fed, the Chinese slowdown, among others and all attendees were impressed with his presentation. Nothing but great feedback regarding his appearance."

-BTG Pactual
MOHAMED EL-ERIANChief Economic Advisor at Allianz; Chair of President Obama’s Global Development Council (2012-2017); CEO and Co-Chief Investment Officer, PIMCO (2007-2014)
An internationally respected economist and financier, El-Erian regularly makes headlines for his shrewd analysis on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and how they impact and fluctuate with the stock market. Selected to deliver a keynote on "Markets: Making Sense of it All" at the Barclay's Asia Forum, he was also sought-out for an interview by CNBC in which he shared his views on bitcoin as "more of a commodity than a currency." His commentary made headlines in CoinDesk, and El-Erian's shrewd analysis on the need to separate the problems with bitcoin from the promise of the blockchain technology behind it made headlines again just a month after the conference. El-Erian also recently penned a widely-shared op-ed, "This May Be Bitcoin's Moment For Truth" for BloombergView, for which he has a regular, widely heralded column. 

"In my 13 years as an event producer, I have never received such positive feedback from a keynote speaker before. I was stopped in the hallways and networking events numerous times by attendees who had glowing remarks about Dr. El Erian’s presentation. One attendee stated that ‘it is rare that a speaker not only presents well, but presents quality content.' I can say with 100% confidence that this was a wise investment in our business...  Personally I also wish to thank Dr. El Erian for being friendly, flexible, hospitable and considerate to our team. He was gracious and kind, and a pleasure to meet."

- Information Management Network

"We loved hosting Dr. El- Erian! He was amazing!"

-Economic Club of Canada

"Mohamed did an excellent job. He tailored his remarks to our audience really well. He was also very gracious when interacting with our guests and senior management at the cocktail reception...Here is a sampling of the open-ended feedback: “perfect start”; “he was excellent and very happy to see the high caliber of keynote speaker”; “fantastic, very informative”; “Excellent delivery taking complicated thoughts but delivering them in real life experiences.” 

MARK VAN RIJMENAM: Founder,; Global Top 10 Big Data Influencer
An internationally sought-after speaker on disruptive innovation, Mark Van Rijmenam reveals how the "triangle of big data, blockchain and artificial the holy grail of the organization of tomorrow". A faculty member of the Blockchain Research Institute and pursuing a PhD at Sydney's University of Technology, Van Rijmenam has written numerous recent articles on the topic, including "7 Blockchain Benefits for the Finance Industry" and "How Blockchain Could Improve Your Big Data." In his signature keynote "How to Thrive in an Exponential World," Van Rijmenan is heralded for breaking down how organizations can better understand and tap into "the triangle" in order to keep apace and thrive in a digitized world.

"Mark van Rijmenam delivered an excellent keynote presentation... I knew it was going to be a great talk, since his reputation preceded him, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that his expertise goes beyond the big data field. Mark has a way of framing topics through an extensive web of inter-disciplinary insight and know-how that pushes the conversation forward for all of us. If you are in search of a speaker that can bring both inspiration and actionable advice to your event, Mark is your guy."

- Big Data Week

"Mark is very knowledgeable... and has the capability of explaining complex matter in laymen’s terms... Mark is a great presenter who is able to show the audience where we are at today and also gives the public an insight into a possible and very likely future..."

-Internet Service Group
BRETT KING: Founder & CEO, Moven Bank (the world's first downloadable bank); Host, BREAKING BANK$
A TED Speaker who has delivered opening keynotes for Wired, Singularity University's Exponential Finance, The Economist and more, King is a leading expert on technology's impact in banking and financial services. Recently sought-out to deliver a keynote entitled Bank to the Future: Where We're Going Do We Need Banks? at Money 20/20, King revealed how traditional financial institutions are losing their dominance and how blockchain technology will allow for financial services without banks in the future. His insights into blockchain's future uses were further illuminated in an interview with Cointelegraph and are a frequent subject of his #1 Global Fintech Podcast, Breaking Banks.

"Just wanted to say a big Thank You for your very inspiring sessions in Abu Dhabi. The whole bank is now talking about the imperative to change and face the future." 

- National Bank Of Abu Dhabi

"We truly appreciate your insights about the bank and customers of today and the future...their attitudes towards new technologies, and their role in changing the future of financial services. It was indeed an honour and a rare privilege to have you as our guest speaker gracing our 20th Anniversary event. "

JIM CARROL: Leading Global Futurist 
Named by BusinessWeek as one of the world's leading sources for innovation insight and sought-out by companies and organizations from Disney to Mercedes Benz to NASA, Jim Carroll's new keynote--"Cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin and the end of money: understanding the ultimate disruption"-- decodes the challenges, opportunities and impact of finance's hottest topic, and reveals how blockchain could unleash a torrent of hyper-innovation around business models.

"Your use of humor throughout your speech was very enlightening. Not everyone has the ability to blend it in and make it work! Well done! "


"Evaluations consistently rated your presentation 5 out of 5! "


"I have been working with Jim for the past four years, and, without question, he is one of the most dynamic speakers and professional partners I've ever come across. Our audiences (internal and external) love him, and he works wonderfully with our customers. ....I'm willing to bet your first experience will lead to many, many more, as it has with SAP. I wish you the best with him before someone else does! "