MAE JEMISONFirst African-American Woman in Space; Inductee National Women's Hall of Fame & International Space Hall of Fame 

"The speech, and the entire luncheon went incredibly well. The room was filled to capacity, with a diverse representation... The feedback has been incredible; people felt her message resonated with the group, and were truly moved and inspired by the entire presentation. "

-Dollar General

"Last night Dr. Jemison hit a Home Run. Everyone with whom I have spoken was delighted with every aspect of her visit. She combined charm, substance and inspiration with a few sides of social criticism. And she's really funny. "

-University of Texas-Dallas

A larger-than-life force of inspiration, Mae Jemison was sought-out for numerous events this Black History Month and MLK Day, including at Duke University Hospital's MLK Celebration and at the University of Colorado's Distinguished Leadership Speaker Series. Encouraging audience members that, "If you want a seat at the table, you can have one," Jemison brought her trailblazing story to life, generating lots of excited press coverage. As one high school teacher, who drove just to attend Jemison's keynote said, "Jemison is an incredible inspiration, and to see her in person was a privilege and honor." 

JUDITH JAMISON: Artistic Director Emerita, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater; Listed to "TIME 100: World's Most Influential People"

"Mrs. Jamison was a most gracious and eloquent speaker. The fervor in which she spoke on the role of the arts in our lives moved the audience to gasp, then cheer. What a pleasure to host such a guest whose caliber is unparalleled. She brought such a warmth, honesty and lively spirit to our campus."

-University of Utah

"Everything was wonderful. We were so happy to have such a successful event. I have had students and faculty approach me all week long saying they were inspired by Ms. Jamison's speech. I was really nice to have someone to speak on diversity and growth in the arts."

-Hamilton College

At New Jersey City University's Black History Month celebration, Jamison shared stories from her remarkable life and commented on the role of the arts in American culture, for an enraptured audience of students, staff and artists. An icon of modern dance, a civil rights trailblazer, and a passionate advocate for promoting inclusivity through the arts, Jamison has received the National Medal of Arts, The Congressional Black Caucus' Phoenix Award, an Emmy Award, and been invited to the White House by First Lady Michelle Obama (among her many other accomplishments). Her optimistic and empowering remarks leave audiences spellbound. 

TARANA BURKEFounder of the Me Too Movement; 2017 TIME Person of the Year: The Silence Breakers 

Delivering the Black History Month Keynote at the University of Missouri as well as the Black History Month Lecture at Webster University, Tarana Burke addressed two packed houses, sharing her experience creating the Me Too movement and shedding light on where we can go from here. Making headlines in local media, Burke dispelled common myths surrounding Me Too, and also spoke to how advocacy for marginalized communities and communities of color is fundamental to the movement's goals. With remarks that are as informative as they are powerful, Burke brings excitement as a leader who is driving the national conversation and making meaningful change; she captures her audience's attention from the moment she steps onto the stage. 

ANDREW YOUNG: Civil Rights Activist & Former Executive Director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC); Mayor of Atlanta (1982-1990); U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations (1977-1979)

"Your speech at the NAMAD luncheon in Portland, OR was the highlight of the entire event. Your inspiring, informative, challenging and eye-opening remarks not only brought personal value to everyone, but left a positive and lasting impression on all are truly a unique and special human being. It's truly a privilege and pleasure to be affiliated with someone who is so passionate about and personally committed to progress and teamwork in diversity."

- American Honda Motor Co., Inc. 

"His speech and delivery style was awesome. He received a standing ovation when he came up on the stage, several applauses during his speech and an even longer standing ovation after his speech...I can tell you that. Ambassador Young is the real deal. He's a humanitarian who genuinely cares about people. Please let him know that he made a difference in Modesto... We craved his wisdom. He received raves reviews!!!"

-Modesto Peace/Life Center

Selected to keynote both Auburn University's Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Breakfast as well as the UNCF Black History Month Luncheon, Ambassador Young encouraged students to actively create and contribute to environments of communication, inclusion, and respect. Inspiring attendees to get to know people from different backgrounds, to overcome adversity, and to rise to be global leaders, Young's impassioned remarks made headlines in local news. A true icon of the Civil Rights Movement, Young was a close confidant to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and when he was elected to Congress in 1972, was the first African American elected from the South since Reconstruction. He seamlessly integrates his remarkable life story into his bold, empowering and forward-looking remarks, leaving audiences both energized and hopeful. 

These speakers not only deliver bold inspiration and powerful lessons at each engagement, but they embody their messages in their lives and careers. Dedicated and passionate advocates, they leave audiences emboldened to be changemakers at every event.