Virtual Events? No problem, we’ve got you.

HWA and our speakers are here to help you put on meaningful, engaging events to move your message forward and connect your community.

Our speakers are ready to meet with your group - live, virtually or in a hybrid program that combines the best of both. We see lots of pros to virtual events, and we’ve seen it all so can guide you in the right direction for production and delivery. But first…as always…let’s start with the content of your event and build from there.

Our agents have the experience to be your trusted partner in crafting your next event. We’ll help you find the best speakers, production options and delivery platform. Let’s do this!

We can help you find the perfect speaker for your event. Get in touch with us to get started!


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Know your audience. That is the first rule of a great event. Not only are you seeking the perfect speaker for your event, you are responsible for making sure every seat is filled, that the audience is engaged and is on their feet at the end of the speech. These speakers can help you make that happen. Give us a call and we'll give you more ideas based on who will be in your audience.

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A few great speakers for Corporate Sponsors

Lawrence  Summers

"Dr. Summers was an unexpected delight. Honestly, he was a joy on-site and he did a great job. He was really gracious and everyone loved him. I should have scheduled more time for his keynote; usually speakers fatigue after an hour but he definitely could have kept this audience captivated for much longer."

- Institutional Investor

Stephen Dubner

"Stephen was amazing! He's such a personable guy and fit in with our team immediately. He can easily read the audience and change focus as needed. His stories were entertaining, relevant and truly resonated with our team. We wanted him to stay all day! ... He truly was the perfect fit for us and kicked off our summit with a bang! "

- Blue Man Group

Peter Sheahan

"Thank you for your thought provoking presentation at Google's HQ ... You bring terrific energy to the Gen Y topic. A number of Google staffers reached out to say how much they enjoyed your thought/discussion provoking presentation. You gave us great insight into the minds of literally hundreds of potential Googlers . For us to better understand how to motivate and develop that talent will certainly be key to our continued success. "

- Google