HWA Speakers are experts on how Coronavirus is affecting the Economy in terms of market outlook, the role of Central Banks, access to capital and the financial markets.  Unemployment, fiscal stimulus, and Congressional bail-outs are affecting multi-national corporations as well as local small businesses.  These HWA Speakers help us see the economic outlook ahead.


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NEW REALITIES: Global Outlook & Security

As the pandemic crosses borders and threatens global health security, governments’ reactions have varied in their efforts to stabilize their nation’s health, economy and national security.  These HWA speakers are experts in how Coronavirus has impacted our relationships with other nations, as well as any threats to homeland security, cybersecurity, and economic stability.  What weaknesses have been revealed in our vital supply chains- like food, medical testing and equipment, and vaccine development - and where are the lessons learned to ensure forward stability?


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NEW REALITIES: Leading Through Disruption

HWA Speakers are experts on how to lead during this time of chaos.  All organizations- non-profits, corporations, schools, places of faith and even households- are in upheaval and looking for leadership to guide the way.  But how do you lead in the midst of continued uncertainty? These HWA Speakers offer insights and lessons.


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SIR KEN ROBINSON - Learning from home


NEW REALITIES: Business Innovation

HWA Speakers are experts on how businesses can innovate during this time of disruption to regain footing and even find new opportunities. The world has changed for consumers and target markets, and businesses need to rethink communication, delivery, and perhaps even manufacturing.  Mandated working from home orders forced employees and businesses to figure out what works and what doesn’t- but, the way we work will never be the same. 


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NEW REALITIES: Doctors & Scientists

These HWA speakers are doctors, scientists and wellness experts who offer insights on the science and medicine of the virus, how it affects us physically, and how to mitigate against the stress and anxiety of living through a pandemic.


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NEW REALITIES: Inspiration & Wellness

How do we heal and cope in an evolving, uncertain environment? How can we stay focused and positive to deal with anxiety at this time? These HWA Speakers offer understanding for the new world we find ourselves in, how to find meaning in everyday moments, and navigate our complicated emotions.


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NEW REALITIES: Race, Social Justice & Community

These HWA Speakers are using their voice to highlight how we can come together as a community to make a difference, and how impacts of the coronavirus are inextricably linked to race, socioeconomics, and politics. 
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From what we know so far about the coronavirus and how to stay safe, to connecting us to those on the front lines, to bringing us top stories in new "virtual" ways, HWA's leading journalists are engaging and informing in equal measure.
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NEW REALITIES: Future of Tech

From rapidly approaching technological changes on the horizon, as well as the role COVID-19 has played in prompting and accelerating market shifts across the globe, these HWA speakers help audiences understand how tech is fundamentally changing our economy and how businesses and workers can adapt and master new technological advances to their advantage.
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